Adorable Baby Polar Bear! | Baby Animals | Love Nature

Adorable Baby Polar Bear! | Baby Animals | Love Nature
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We remember “Knut”, as we look back on this endearing moment when this cute baby bear first learned to walk on all fours. We love this video of an adorable polar bear cub as he learns to walk. Who knew bears could be so cute as cubs!

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  1. Let's have a debate everyone. Name your cutest animal cub of all time. Write your comments below….?

    For me I am going to choose a baby Cheetah!

  2. Whatever this deluded fool is feeding it…it is not what God designed so it is evil [convoluted good]. What momma bear fed from the teat was herself…a curious concoction know only to godward but that makes little teddy a BEAR. What this well meaning fool is raising remains to be seen but the one thing it will never be…is…a…natural…bear.

    It WILL resent this at some point and he will pay the supreme price for being stupid. It may seem cruel…but…in whatever state he found the little one…it would have been far better to leave him.

    God does…

    He hears every child screaming, writhing in pain from a D&C [abortion] when their human mother is killing it. He was watching when that duckling was shot with a 20-gauge mid flight. His eyes were on every lone girl who suffered at the hands of Henry Lee Lucas, Ted Bundy or BTK.

    But He did nothing…

    Think. Judgment is coming.

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