20 Photos Of People In Their Final Moments Before Death

20 Photos Of People In Their Final Moments Before Death
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These 20 photos depict people in their final moments or hours before death. We may never know when our time is up. (RIP)

In the back of our minds, we know we’re going to die. But what does it look like just before it happens?

Death can happen to us at any moment.

These are the last known photo’s of people just before their deaths.

‘Tomorrow is NEVER PROMISED to anyone’.

Live for today and appreciate what you have left in life.

Love from MrCaringuy.


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  2. That last dude was completely insane
    To wit: "to raise awareness for (insert inane euphemism here____) a bunch of incorrigible bums and misfits"

    What a waste.
    He could, at least, have sacrificed himself for a worthy cause. Geeez

  3. The one moment that made me ugly laugh out loud, despite the solemnity of the rest of the video, was at 10:42, when just one word in the caption set me off.

  4. sometimes.. i just get lost on youtube, and i ask myself how the hell did i end up here, i was watching peter griffin drinking redbull

  5. Am i the only one who after watching such videos ,getting a feeling that something bad is gonna happen inside my own house while my mum is outside and the door locked…..

  6. Through the light of belief, it shows to the heart of a believer that death is not execution, but a change of abode; that the grave is not the mouth of a dark well, but the door to light-filled worlds; and that for all its glitter, the world is like a prison in relation to the hereafter. To be released from the prison of this world and enter the gardens of Paradise, and pass from the troublesome turmoil of bodily life to the world of rest and the arena where spirits soar, and to slip free from the vexatious noise of creatures and go to the presence of the Most Merciful is a journey, indeed, a happiness, to be desired with a thousand lives.
    The Fifth:
    By informing a person who heeds the Qur'an about the knowledge of reality it contains, and through the light of reality the world's true nature, it makes him realize that love for the world and attachment to it are quite meaningless. That is, it says the following to man, and proves it:
    "The world is a book of the Eternally Besought One. Its letters and words point not to themselves but to the essence, attributes and Names of another. In which case, learn its meaning and grasp it, but ignore its decorations, then go!
    "The world is also a tillage; sow and reap your crop, and preserve it. Throw away the chaff, and give it no importance!…
    "The world is also a collection of mirrors which continuously pass on one after the other; so know the One Who is manifest in them, see His lights, understand the manifestations of the Names which appear in them and love the One they signify. Cease your attachment for the fragments of glass which are doomed to be broken and perish!…
    "The world is also a travelling place of trade. So do your commerce and come; do not chase in vain the caravans which flee from you and pay you no attention. Do not weary yourself for nothing!…
    "The world is also a temporary exhibition. So look at it and take lessons. Pay attention, not to its apparent, ugly face, but to its hidden, beautiful face which looks to the Eternal All-Beauteous One. Go for a pleasant and beneficial promenade, then return, and do not weep like a silly child at the disappearance of scenes displaying fine views and showing beautiful things, and do not be anxious!…
    "The world is also a guest-house. So eat and drink within the limits permitted by the Generous Host Who made it, and offer thanks. Act and behave within the bounds of His law. Then leave it without looking behind you, and go. Do not interfere in it in a delirious or officious manner. Do not busy yourself for nothing with things which part from you and do not concern you. Do not attach yourself to passing things and drown!.."
    This Fifth Aspect shows the secrets in the world's inner face through apparent truths like these, and greatly lightens the parting from it. Indeed, to those who are aware it makes parting desirable for them, and shows that there is a trace of mercy in everything and every aspect of it. The Qur'an indicates these Five Aspects, and its verses point to other particular aspects.
    Woe to that person who has no share of these five Aspects!
    Words (by Said Nursi)- page 220

  7. Dang it why does life have be like this?
    I know this makes u sad but u dont need to think about negative things if u think about better things even thought ur loved ones die they are still there in heaven and they become sad when they see u depressed so plz don’t stay in ur home and cry have fun while u have time

    I wish this made u happier :))

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