Massive Earthquakes Caught On Camera

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So I will do the deciding yeah.

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I am NO guru ask GOOGLE
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  1. Nobody probably hates earthquakes more than one for ariens I can't imagine having to put all those damn books back on the shelf in order!

  2. There should have been some footage in there of the Christchurch, NZ earthquake of 5 February, 2011. Massive damage done to that city, over 200 killed. That was just a few weeks before Japan's massive quake.

  3. Crazy. I mean, I know the skyscrapers are designed to sway like that in an earthquake seeing it on video is wild. I imagine it would be terrifying! I’m gonna stick to my blizzards and thunderstorms thanks.

  4. Hello now here we go again I 'am sitting here looking at buildings swaying bk and foward in Japan I know it can happen other Places and do.but no thank if they want yo give it to me free rent.I'd rather sit on a swing.

  5. The 1989 Earthquake the hit California. I wish is would have sank California. Even though I am from Cali. & was there when it happened. That is how much I hate California.

  6. wondering the wind blows same direction as the ground shake, kind of interact to each other??? my opinion., i experienced 6 magnitude., it’s when the light flickering, so this is like 10.

  7. The last one we had up here in Alaska was a doozy, emptied the toilets. Nothing compared to the 64 quake though, I thought I was a gonner in that one.

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