Baby Hippo and Orphaned Rhino Fall In Love With Each Other | The Dodo Odd Couples

Baby Hippo and Orphaned Rhino Fall In Love With Each Other | The Dodo Odd Couples
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Baby Hippo Falls In Love With Orphaned Rhino | When Charlie the baby hippo lost his mom, he was rescued by a rhino orphanage and became best friends with a little rhino. There was only one problem — Charlie grew up thinking he was a rhino too! Today on Odd Couples, watch how Charlie eventually learned to act like a hippo, even though he’ll always come back for snuggles with his favorite rhino. To sponsor the ongoing care of Charlie, Moomin and Makhosi, you can support the Zululand Rhino Orphanage: Keep up with their antics on Instagram: Special thanks to Charlie and Makhosi’s rescuers at the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization:

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  1. Rhinos are so cute I hope these animals never go extinct, I hate the Asian polchers that think eating the horn heals them and it's majic !! Those people have no souls !! How dumb do you have to be to believe such benefits from eating a rhinos horn !! Bunch of idiots ?

  2. Rhinos are complete hervivores. They might be temperamental but you can trust their intentions are true and they won't attack you directly unless you invade their confort zone. Hippos are extremely dangerous omnivores. DO NEVER trust a Hippo, under any circumstance. Even when you think they don't care about you they might be ignoring you but they might be also waiting to kill you. If you catch a glimpse of a male Hippo (or female because the male is close by) move the hell away from it in the opposite direction and pray to God it wasn't bothered by your presence because they will chase you and they will kill you just so they can taste your flesh to demonstrate their dominance over the whatever body of water they rule over.

  3. I hope this hippo thrives in the wild, but its upbringing might have been too cushy to prepare it for that life.

    I'm a total sucker for these interspecies friendship videos, but most of them involve animals raised in a controlled environment run by humans who are kind, caring, and knowledgeable enough to provide them with everything they need to survive. These environments are more likely to produce sweet, friendly, docile creatures than the harsh reality of the wild.

    I get that the goal is to keep wild animal populations from dwindling, but maybe the best thing to do is just let animals raised by humans live out their lives in captivity, and focus on protecting protecting those in the wild by fighting poaching, deforestation, and pollution.

  4. Well what is hippo behavior then. If he's a hippo and acts like how he acts then it's just learned. More like hippo culture

  5. I love this channel. Bcoz in today's life humans r killing animals which is sad but this channel shows the humanity which we really need to acquire .

  6. PSA: This channel just makes money from buying the rights to animal rescue and sanctuary videos & reposting for ad revenue. They do NOTHING to actually help aid or rehabilitate animals.

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