Another Unwanted Savannah Cat Gets A Forever Home

Another Unwanted Savannah Cat Gets A Forever Home
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The day after Christmas, Big Cat Rescue welcomed another unwanted Savannah cat named Loki to its new forever home here at the sanctuary.

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  1. That's because some crazy people had the ideea of make a hibrid cat…you know,domestic cats aren't cool enought anymore,you need a semi-wild cat,but then you aren't able to take care of it…that shoud be ilegal,to abandon your cat!
    And makes hibrido cats,forcing them to have pets…forcing a domestic cat to give birth a hibrido cat which is bigger….horrible! That people shoud be investigared!
    Stop buying caracats,savannas cats or bengal cats!

  2. Hey there!! I'm looking to rescue a savannah cat (me and my family) and I'm going on a bunch of pages and asking if anyone has an F1 or F2 Savannah they're looking for a home for!

  3. A Savannah cat, especially F1,F2, and even some F3 generations require a lot of time and care. For the F1 and F2 they can be wonderful pets if you are willing to meet their needs. You MUST be a stay at home parent, they are very active and they bond with their person. They will want YOUR attention, and they will not be happy being left with relatives or friends while you go off on vacation. They will act out when they want attention, my Spark will help clear the table if I don’t play with him when he wants. f they don’t have something to keep them busy or thinking they will find some “mischief” to entertain themselves with. Spark is small, but he is strong and he will slam doors closed or throw them open to get attention. Outdoor space is a MUST!! On the plus side they are the smartest, most loving cats you can have. They play fetch, walk on a leash, love to play with water, and can jump 6+ feet straight up. If you must get a Savannah get a F4 or F5 generation or an Ocicat which has the same look but no wild DNA. An F1 is basically the same as a Serval, an F2 would be for experienced Savannah owners. Even a later generation like a F4-F6 I wold not recommend to first time cat owners. No matter what pet you are looking at each is different and you should do your homework and talk to people who have the breed you are looking at.

  4. That scared little face and big eyes! I would give him so much love and affection. I'm so glad you guys are giving the poor little guy a good home!

  5. Dear friend
    Your friend's good cat pressed for the video.
    Your friend's cute little cat that looks good.
    Thank you for sharing the video.

  6. Why wouldn't someone want a magnificent creature like that??? I don't get it. It's just a big cat, right? And aren't they VERY expensive?

  7. As a vet tech, I hate seeing domesticated cats getting declawed let alone wild ones. I have seen to many cats lose their home once the cat has been declawed. It's like cutting your finger off at the 1st knuckle. Once they are declawed, it hurts them to dig in their litter box so they urinate elsewhere in the house so the owners disowned them because they don't want cat urine all over their house. I have fostered so many different kinds of animals that most people haven't seen in their life time in person. I'm so tired of people buying an animal that they have not researched beforehand. Even something as simple as a domesticated dog breed.

  8. Declawed? Are you serious? Where is that allowed?

    I hope the best for Loki and the rest. You people are amazing to help those beautiful creatures.

  9. Wild or domestic, they always do that wonderful 'low slink'..till they get the is amazing and stunning to watch nature at work. Glad Loki is safe and cared for..such pretty markings..

  10. I plan on getting a Savannah cat later in life. I’ve been reading and researching on them for years now, and lived among cats my whole life. One of my friends even has a Savannah cat (F1) who I’ve met, he was appalled that anyone would keep a Savannah cat as the owners kept Loki. They may be wild cats, but his cat (Shiva) is loving and friendly when she wants to be, and gets as much care and running space as she wants. Thank you for rescuing Loki! He’s a beautiful Savannah!

  11. Am sorry but I had a feral cat…whom after time trusted….these cats need lots of attention.. which if done right do make good pets

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