100% RAW Footage | Extreme POLTERGEIST Activity | Do NOT Watch Alone! | Real GHOSTS Caught On Tape ?

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Join PXTV and Proving Demons as we dare enter a never before investigated venue in Manchester. We were called here after strange going ons were reported by staff and punters, sceptical of some of the claims presented, we visit and conduct our very own paranormal investigation and what we found blew our minds. Real poltergeist activity captured on camera, 100% raw, uncut, unedited footage that was streamed LIVE at the time right here on YouTube!

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About the Author: Paranormal-X ( PXTV )


  1. The guy he is talking about is the overflow out of the python he needs to put a container there with the clear overflow pipe in it I had the same problems

  2. Voice / Sound activation is a pretty standard function of Plasma Balls, too bad nobody there seem to know that. Was hard to watch that part

  3. Can i be a member of your team i will really apericate it if you dont mind and i hope i get reply from you as soon as possible

  4. What a video mark ") , you need to do more videos with Simon & proving demons & I'm from Manchester so its nice too see a video from you and Andrew so close to home keep em coming ")

  5. that plasma ball is far out, as for it going off with Andrews voice affecting it, just a thought, would the sound wvave of his voice set it off??

  6. 1:25:53 audio and video malfunction!!! Okay I'm done. Thank you Mark (Paranormal X) Olivia and Andrew (Proving Demons) excellent documentary!! I'll be waiting for the 2nd visit/video of this very active club. Your AWESOME

  7. Hey Mark ? just watched Andrew's and Olivia (Proving Demons) video of this place. I have to agree that looks exactly what cremated ashes look like.(That was the 1st thought in my mind when you guys showed it) I usually go with what I feel first!!! This place definitely needs y'all company.
    PRAYERS ? LOVE ❤️ LIGHT ? all the way from Memphis Tennessee

  8. P.S. I hope you never leave YouTube. I see Chris Halton is moving to Amazon. Don't leave us too! I'm hoping for some lovely solo adventures this summer, or just you and Simon. Those are my favorite!

  9. Thanks from Oregon! I listen to PXTV all day on Fridays at work on my bluetooth headphones. Even in a factory setting I can hear it great. It makes that day of the week special. 😉 Super excited to come home, put my feet up and listen AND watch this whole new show tonight! Thanks for all your hard work! Best team ever!

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