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  1. Roi are you okay raoi bro be careful it is true bro don't say it is a prank think it is a prank right?!?! You better be not joking if it real Amma freak out.

  2. I watch your other channel and this channel maybe the ghost wanna be famous of if you have a dead family member maybe they are trying to tell you it's them or the ghost wanna take over your channel?????

  3. Roi the beats were turning off and on and then off and then on yeah scary and the something was moving the camera and then threw it down

  4. I saw in the hallway I saw the light was closing and opening hope you be ok and fine and the ghosts go away from your house.

  5. Roi you are blessed by God and you have your fans to protect you too and we all love you and I just hope you are safe and I know you are now go have fun and have a blast day?

  6. 2019? Anyone??
    I don't actually believe in ghost,but my mom yesterday experience some 'ghost' thing,she heard 3 knocks in our room downstairs

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