Monkey Foster Mom Program Explained – Animal Rescue Q&A – Vervet Forest

Monkey Foster Mom Program Explained - Animal Rescue Q&A - Vervet Forest
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Vervet Forest – At the Vervet Monkey Foundation, a wildlife conservation & animal rescue sanctuary Kyle takes a deep dive into the monkey foster mom program and answers many of the most frequently asked questions regarding the program, the monkeys, the decisions and the methods. Time’s for specific questions are below.

00:40 – What is the Foster Mom Program?
04:34 – Why wait for the babies to be 3 months old?
05:26 – How do you choose a foster troop?
07:16 – How do we decide which moms get which babies?
10:46 – How many babies does a female foster?
13:47 – What if a baby doesn’t bond with a mom?
16:07 – Do babies stay with their foster moms in the troop?
21:20 – What food do the babies eat?

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The Vervet Forest is a wildlife rehab show focused on Vervet Monkeys. The series showcases cute animals and our foster mother program which helps rescued orphan baby monkeys to be adopted by foster mother monkeys. The show is for fans of animal planet, nat geo, discovery and anyone who is an animal lover, loves baby animals or cute animals.

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**These animals are not pets they are rescued wildlife undergoing a rehabilitation program at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa**


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    Edit: I almost forgot, you can also donate! (Different format to patreon.) And you can get hold of some pretty awesome gear in the gift shop. Kyle has posted the links in the video descriptions, and on the VMF page.
    Peace, Love and Bananas to all! ?❤️???

  2. Your love of these primates is so contagious. The way you describe their actions with your beautiful smile show's your devotion. Sending hugs from North Carolina.

  3. I wish there was an adoption center in every state idk how to go about the problem there having at my home there allowing the citizens to go into silver springs Florida to shoot these poor animals I wish yall wasn't so far away maybe yall can give some advice on what we might can do about it ? We can't prove who is doing it we truly don't even know! So idk if there is anyone we can call… it's open to the public n there is a lot of people that live around the area that allows others to "hunt" on there property!!! These poor animals never asked to be there some dummy thought monkey's couldn't swim n put them on an island while they was filming Tarzan . Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  4. Okay…normally don't have questions…but; the new 'in thing' is having 2 ads at beginning of a video… If it is 15 seconds each I watch both. If they are 30 seconds each…does that count as 2 ads for VMF? Usually, one is 30 seconds & the other is much longer… I have been watching both with 2nd only 30 seconds in…what to do…what to do? My more serious question pertaining to the Vervets themselves, the males. In the wild they go out to new troops so can or do the adult males get transferred to different troops at times? I can see this happening with the Camelot troop getting some adult males (if the space opens) to make room for the troops that are good in the foster program…just would like to know…just now getting interested in the male roles with the Season 1 babies getting older. I am listening to this, again, while asking…Vera was sat on by Acorn… I wouldn't bond well either after that… I agree with you that Acorn needs some parenting classes…the old 'Spock Infant Book's may help… Yawl have a great one… I haven't been able to wake up early enough to catch the live feed…but love your techniques on the computer and the ? cool way you interact with the people closer to your timeline… just drop the answers in anytime you do a video…I will hear them…(you didn't look at the incredible supporter's list like poor thrush ridden Vera did ?)…thanks

  5. I always find the ranking system in primates quite interesting.just how it works and gets passed onto babies even the adopted ones.

  6. This is how you feeding monkeys my goodness that monkey eating banana with lots of flies looks so gross, dirty, and smelly. Those sweet potatoes and besides that so much dirt omg why do you feed like that… it’s like dumb everything in one place …. underneath potatoes most be …I don’t know how you feed those monkeys can you show us videos…. please don’t take otherwise I have commented what I saw in this video it’s so heartbreaking how that monkey is eating bananas inside room and Sweet potatoes dumped in one place which looks so dirty and gross.

  7. Suckling bottle tip (nuzzle) looks bigger if possible make smaller size (little bit smaller and longer )so that baby can drink milk more easily. You can see in the Japanese hospital videos how they feed baby monkeys from bottle with small, longer and very flexible nuzzles.

  8. Thank you for explaining the program. I have learned a lot about this monkeys from your videos. Everyone from staff to volunteers do an awesome job. I can see the dedication every one has to their care.

  9. Do you rotate the males around the troops as they would in the wild naturally? I understand they do this so at some point there is not inbreeding.
    Great video again Kyle!!!

  10. Stress eating – turns out I'm a monkey. Who knew?
    Do the females have their own babies? How do you control the population size? I'm thinking you must do something, otherwise a supported population (being fed), plus incoming orphans/rescues, means you would have an ever-increasing (at an ever-increasing rate) of monkeys, and short of giving them typewriters to write more Shakespeare, an ever-increasing population would create a huge problem for a volunteer-run organisation surviving on donations.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful information. I enjoyed watching all of the video that you had set up as demonstrations of what you were talking about.

  12. 7:20 with exception to blind babies :). I love the information videos personally. but, people will continue to ask redundant questions, it won't stop despite this video. as some people can't be bothered to go and watch a video to get an answer as they are lazy and disrespectful.. However, it is really great that you have these informative videos, unlike other primate videographers. I do have a question for you. How can I get a copy of your documentary? can I purchase a dvd?

  13. Hey Kyle! Idk who names the babies but you should do a baby naming drawing or context next season! Like whoever donates or buys merch or becomes a patron for example gets their name in a drawing to name a baby! I would so be game for a chance to name a baby! ❤️

  14. Answering all these questions just make me wanna ask so many more. Thanks for taking the time for us. Here’s one for your pt 2 questions answered, how do you keep the foster moms from making their own babies?

  15. What does he mean by enclosure? Are all the monkeys in a big huge cage or does he mean their “group”? Stupid question but new to learning about vervet monkeys

  16. When they groom each other…WHAT are they going after then eating???

    Loved your ending…sweaty palm to the face…I really got a good giggle out of that.
    Like when I’m working in the garden & 95% of the time I don’t wear gloves & my nose will start itching, etc., & when I go to wash up, I’ve got all these dirt smears ALL OVER MY FACE!
    Not laughing at you but with you!

  17. Thanks Kyle, you answered many of the questions I have had.
    But hey, what about this…… ( hehe )

    I was wondering if this concept of fostering an orphaned baby from
    outside the troop happens much in a natural Vervet Troop environment.
    Is this more of a behavior you have taught to the troops you have in your enclosures?
    Is it driven by instinct for females who have not had babies to want to have something to mother?

    Do you sterilize some of your troop to reduce the chance of over population
    with babies born within the troop?

  18. Are the monkeys fixed? Are the moms unable to have babies?? When or at what age are they fixed if that's what happens to them. Love your work and your videos..

  19. I have to admit that I needed this video today. My SO's health has taken a bad turn making for many sleepless nights… I jumped at the chance to see the new Q&A… I awoke several hours later still listening to older videos…woke up to Vera getting hugs. I immediately had to watch Q&A over…best rest I've had in a week…I mean that in the best of way possible…thanks!

  20. I’d love a video(if you would feel comfortable sharing) with a little bit of backstory for you. How did you get into wildlife rescue? What brought an American boy to South Africa? Any advice for those hoping to work/volunteer in rescue too? In your opinion, does mustard belong in mac’n’cheese?(hint: the answer is yes).

    Hope your day is calm and your work is easy my man. ✌?

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