Haunted Mansion at 3 AM REAL Ghost Activity Caught on Camera

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Join me and my friend Whitney while we explore one of the most haunted locations ive ever been.

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  1. Someone was in there with you all; their light is plainly visible reflecting off the door frame at 17:08. There is no way it is from your light, John, nor was is Whitney's.

  2. I can hear like humming bass noise but can not get the words… to bad . Would loved to been there w ya guys! ?☠️? and to mention how beautiful that house is … could not imagine living there IF it wasn’t haunted…

  3. of all the equipment in use the divining rods are the most misused ones. anotherr thing is but seperate is who made up shortening up the word legitamately to just LEGIT?

  4. Brilliant vid. Doors closing, footsteps and the responses to the dowsing rods. Yep there was definitely something fruity and weird going on there. And a mark of a good investigation is where I find myself tilting my head to peer round the door as you pan the camera round. Old building accumulate a lot of history, some imprinted into the very fabric of the building, some of it I am pretty sure is something left behind. Remaining either by choice or circumstance.
    Fantstic!! Thank You!!!

  5. Please leave the emotional white girl at home!!! And come on u said she was sitting on the bed then the door slammed and u can see that she tried to sit down quick, it was her that slammed the door lol

  6. At about 16.45 jusr after you say 'If you are messing with us it's time to atop, a faint grey shape moves on the left of the screen and then a black line moves from the back of the hall to the front.

  7. A noisy spirit dont always mean a bad spirit. Your looking to connect with a spirit so what if the spirit is noisy?

  8. She sounds like a Georgia peach yummy ? I saw a ghost in a plantation house between Madison,ga. And Athens,ga. Right around dusk driving by . The locals there knows what I’m talkin bout. It was a woman in white on the 2nd story balcony. Is this the same one?

  9. Aww don't yell at Whitney she's such a sweet heart!! You really didn't yell, but girls that sweet are a very rare thing anymore!! You can tell she's an angel!! <><

  10. As 1650 we are standing at the rails of the balcony looking down at the bottom floor there was a shadow that passed towards the bottom now I'm not sure if it was a shadow or the reflection of one if you take a look at it you'll see what I mean it may have been reflection of y'all not sure but it'd be worth checking out

  11. At 5:45 start looking at the doorway to the left of the hanging quilt there is a shadow that moves back into the doorway as your approaching I had to watch it a few times but it definitely was a shadow moving under that wooden frame on the left! Great video guys ! Keep up the awesome videos!

  12. You were on the Second Floor, or halfway between First and Second Floor. The level where you entered the building is GROUND FLOOR.

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