Animals In Heaven – ( Do Pets Go To Heaven?) – NDE Stories

Animals In Heaven - ( Do Pets Go To Heaven?) - NDE Stories
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NDE Accounts of pets and animals in the afterlife.

Most of us have had pets throughout our lives. They
were our friends, companions who we cherished in
life. They gave us joy and happiness and asked
nothing in return but to be loved..

Do animals have spirits and do they go
on after death?

Some claim they do and have been reunited with
them after having a Near Death Experience.

Do pets go to heaven?

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  1. The bible talks about each part of creation having it's own "glory." It says that at the end of age the earth and heavens will be regenerated. We already know that people are "regenerated" to a new state fit for their eternal place. God is fair and just–his beautiful creation of the animals has borne much of the brunt of Adam's fall when sin and death entered the world. The bible clearly mentions animals in heaven. So why would God NOT "regenerate" the animals to their perfect state for eternity? I am looking forward to seeing creation redeemed!

  2. I hope I pass when my dog does. One of the things in my prayers is: If we (my two puppies and my mom) die before we wake please take us to Heaven at the same time.) Out of the trillions of souls in the universe my two puppies and my mom are the closest, loyal, and make me the happiest. I am saying this because my older dog is 12 and my mom is 68. I am 42 and if they left me I might as well be in a desert. No damn thank you.

  3. One more question. If a pet snaps one day and bites an owner or maims him or her, the animal control comes and puts the animal down, does the animal still go to heaven?

  4. I have two friends who come from Latvia. Most likely, I will not see them again next year or two years from now. Furthermore, I could end up dying before they do. Even though they may not be dead, will I be able to meet my two friends?

  5. God made us immortal, This bio suet gets worn out damaged, tired, and old, but who we really are never dies. Our pets, are gifts from god, to help us and guide us on our journey through life. They are also great souls and spirits, who love us unconditionally, they try to teach us how it should be. We will all be together in that great place called heaven, where we shall live forever in complete and utter bliss and love with all those who we cared for and loved, including our beloved best friends, our pets. They and us will be able to experience freedom, without hang ups, problems, or restriction to embrace love, joy, and peace beyond expression or limit.
    I can tell you this is how it will be, for God is love and the fountain of all good things I will see my babies (dogs), again and we be forever.

  6. I'm glad I came across this video because my 16 year old cat is going both blind and deaf and probably doesn't have much more than a year to live.  I cried my eyes out when I brought her home from the vets tonight and can't imagine life without her.  Maybe because I don't have children, but the thought of losing her just breaks my heart.

  7. My 11 year dog, Pie, Had to be put to sleep yesterday. i love her so much. She was my whole world. She has kept me together through hard times and has taught me a lot about unconditional love, patience, acceptance of things. Will I be with her again? Will she be around?

  8. So what happens if your pet who dies had been owned by two different families? Does it wait first for the one human to arrive and then split to its next owner bounding back and forth on the clouds of heaven spending time between all its humans? ? Tricky tricky tricky.

  9. my dog died he was a respectfull dog he was calling for us at the back exxactlly at our room outside….we were finding for him then we spotted him died……..i fell so sad…when i am sas he laid on my lap and made me happy…but i know he is now happy in heaven..

  10. my dog died he was a respectfull dog he was calling for us at the back exxactlly at our room outside….we were finding for him then we spotted him died……..i fell so sad…when i am sas he laid on my lap and made me happy…but i know he is now happy in heaven..

  11. Just buried my dog Tiny yesterday who died of a 10 hour painful seizure and had cancer. I am broken up and in tears and shock;only 12 yrs. old.

  12. wish this could have been verbal first hand accounts instead of just words but it was sweet and loving and tear jerking all the same

  13. I hope everyone here who believes their pet has a soul and lives on in another realm remembers that when they tuck into the piece of dead cow, pig, sheep, chicken that these animals also have a soul and individual personality.

  14. hi i just thought to say ive got 3 books to help with berevment of pets…here goes 1, i will see u in heaven by friar jack wintz..2.after death signs from pet afterlife and animals in heaven by brent atwater 3.biblical proof animals do go to heaven by steven h,woodward…these books are sold on amazon…

  15. all I can see or feel are tears. i'm a lawyer and i would give away my career just to have Blue, my Blue Heeler again with me…..didn't even worked today, I am not hungry, I seem to see everything foggy and i feel drunk in pain. I hope he will be there for me when I die. everything seems so wrong without him I seriously feel like my heart could stop now :'(

  16. Beautiful video. I'll tell you something. Last night I prayed as usually, I prayed and I asked for a sign, I asked God to show me that my 13-years old puddle is alright up there, it's been a week since she crossed The Rainbow Bridge. I had such a realistic dream you won't believe it. She was standing next to me in my room where I sleep and where she used to and she looked pretty happy and healthy, playing with some pillows…I think it's enough. May God gives us strenght to overcome this loss. In the name of Jesus, AMEN.

  17. my dog die on this day she is 12½ years old.. it's been a week of suffering .. on the last five days i pray to god "please heal my dog" .. my dog is still alive and i saw her vomit and poop blood .. then while crying i cuddle my dog and pray " god i don't want to see her suffer anymore i give her to you so end her suffering" after i pray , my dog lost her heartbeat and die on my hand .. god is always listening everytime .. so i wish she is in heaven .. 🙂 RIP Keychain 2003 – 2016 ..

  18. I needed this very badly , I just lost my boxer dog Utah yesterday to kidney failure and it hurts so much. I need to know that he is happy and safe and in no more pain and that I will see him again.

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