Watching Rescue Dog From The Slaughterhouse Makes You Couldn't Choke Back Tears

Watching Rescue Dog From The Slaughterhouse Makes You Couldn't Choke Back Tears
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Watching Rescue Dog From The Slaughterhouse Makes You Couldn’t Choke Back Tears

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  1. I recently watch med a YT video of North Koreans eating American BBQ for the first time….in that video, a woman who regularly consumed dog in NK, was surprised that people care about dogs. When the interviewer asked, “well, you ate dog because there was nothing else?”….she replied, “no, we raised them for meat”….I know nothing can be done in NK, but in other southeast Asian counties…..Education is badly needed.

  2. ありがとう❤️??


  3. Massive shame to anyone and all cultures who eat dogs. Disgusting beyond all measure. How could someone hear the cries and whimpers and still feel ok about life?

  4. These degenerate scum will burn for what they do……just waiting for the dickwad to reply with the old comeback……"are you a vegan?" no i aint….I eat meat and the meat that I eat is treated fairly and with respect whilst alive and slaughtered quickly and humanely. Dogs are not bred for food……this is in no way the same, this is torture

  5. Why the fu*k would you eat a dog or cat. There are so many things out there to eat… How can people be such morons. Places like these should NEVER exist to begin with. What is wrong with you asshole people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is disturbing to me just watching it…. So if your are working at a place like this how the fu*k do you sleep at night????????? HOWWWW??? THAT'S WHY WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK PEOPLE I FEEL NO SYMPATHY!!

  6. Politicians could stop these butchering from happening , they know what goes on but they don't stop it , which makes them just as guilty as the butchers and the people that eats those dogs and cats ,,, , we live in a strange world , not everybody is like us , even though they try to be like us ,,, but they miss the mark big time ,, if you have no compassion towards Gods creatures , then you are hard towards people as well,

  7. 0:17 You can see the paws of dead animals by the flesh. Cruel. I don't want to know if the dog has seen another dog killed in agony. Because his gaze shows that he has seen and experienced bad things. So really bad

  8. Anyone commenting how messed up this is but still eating any other form of meat (pork beef chicken etc) ask yourself what’s the difference between them, other than culture. They all feel pain and they all want to live?

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