Best Fails of the Year 2018 (So Far) || FailArmy

Best Fails of the Year 2018 (So Far) || FailArmy
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2018 is over halfway finished, so let’s take a look back on the best fails of the year so far! Which fail was your favorite so far? Leave us a comment below! Remember, if you have your own video, submit it at to be in one of our videos.


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Double Face Plant While Running Down a Sand Dune
Guys Drop Women While Participating in Wife Carrying Race
Guy Rope Swinging Across Canyon Forgets to Unclip Safety Tether
Toddler Knocked Over By Giant Bouncy Ball
Girl Falls Down While Dancing on Table in Waiting Room
Guy Fails at Backflipping into River
Bumper Lodges into Back of Motorcycle After Fender Bender
Guy Accidentally Knocks Down Toddler After Flying off Waterslide
Girl Attempts Backflip and Faceplants into Balance Beam
Guy Faceplants Down Homemade Waterslide
Guy Tumbles Backward off Brown Elliptical Machine
Guy Working Out on Pull Up Rack Hits Head on Ceiling Fan
BMX Rider Fails Rail Grind at High Speed
Woman Tumbles off Cliffside Rope Swing into Lake
Keg Tapping Goes Horribly Wrong
Guy Passes Out on Rollercoaster
Gymnast Fails Dismount off Rings and Faceplants
Strong Girl Punches through Wood Board
Guy Holding Lighted Smoke Bomb Gets Smashed in Face
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  1. Excited to release the Best of the Year (So Far) 2018, this has been a tough list to widdle down, but here it is. We hope you like it!!

  2. Wow. More dickhead cops 8:48, this time pretending they – don't know – "YIELD" – and sitting there. YOU would get a ticket for sitting there(trying to entrap someone), but it's under the "Okey Dokey" clause for them. What Dickhead lying fuckers.

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