Baby Goat Is Pretty Sure He's A Dog | The Dodo Little But Fierce

Baby Goat Is Pretty Sure He's A Dog | The Dodo Little But Fierce
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Baby Goat Is Pretty Sure He’s A Dog | This rescued baby goat loves to run around his house in pajamas and give his family kisses ???

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  1. My goat thinks she is a dog to because we only have 1 goat and 5 dogs so she acts like a dog and cry’s when she doesn’t see a dog it’s so cute

  2. One of my goats was partially raised in a house because he was born not breathing the breeder gave him cpr and he was raised with a small shih tzu until he was old enough to go to a new home. Grover tries to snuggle me and asks for more cuddles like a puppy does…I actually tsugh him paws up so he hooks his hooves/legs around my arm so I can kiss him on the forehead or he can nuzzle under my chin (my sheepadoodle does the same trick the exact same way).

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