Top 10 Scary Hurricanes Captured On Camera

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Top 10 Scary Hurricanes Captured On Camera
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There are so many different ways to measure a hurricane. Whether is be wind speed and rain or the loss of life toll and amount of property damaged. One thing that is certain is that hurricanes are scary and you never want to catch yourself looking into the eye of the storm.

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  1. I kinda got news, there was a girl named Heather Grace Newcomb. She was born in 2005 of Feb 23rd. right around Hurricane Katrina. This day on, this girl, at her school, gets called names like; Hurricane Survivor, or 'other' nicknames that kinda make her feel accepted. (I'm this girls private teacher from Japan.)

  2. I live in Hawaii and the hurricane was scary tbh me and my family had to go out to get food and when I looked at the parking lot it was flooded with water. I almost got a heart attack when the alert said that a bomb was going to hit Hawai’i?

  3. are these filmed by drones?
    plus we have to do a project and i chose natural disasters, some reason, this video really helped me so keep up the good work ;D

  4. My mom lives in NJ shore and was evacuated to stay with us in the philly burbs during Sandy. Turned out her place never lost power and ours was out for three days.

  5. I remember very specifically watching and tracking the hurricane that basically destroyed Puerto Rico. One of my best friends that I've known for a decade now lives there with his family. We weren't talking much at the time, because of a fall out that happened a few years ago. We started talking again via Twitter and he had told me that there was a hurricane heading right for Puerto Rico. I started tracking it and I have to say it was probably the worst hurricane that I ever saw on a map. I was nowhere near it, living here in Minnesota. But once I saw the scale of the hurricane and just how big it was on the map, my heart completely sank to the floor. Once it made landfall I hadn't heard from him for probably a month or so, and I really thought that I just lost my best friend and that I would never hear from him again. Luckily I got a Twitter notification from him telling me that he and his family were perfectly okay. We started talking a lot after that and became good friends again. He did tell me that even after all this time there are still parts of Puerto Rico that are being repaired and he recalled that entire month or so where he didn't have any power or running water. I am incredibly grateful that I have my close friend back in my life and that he and his family turned out okay after all. But I can definitely say that month or so that I had no contact with him and I was reading the damage reports as being labeled as catastrophic, I really thought that I would never talk to my friend of 10 years again.

  6. This was before you were born so you most likely only read about it. On the night 15th-16th October 1987 the South East of England (including London) France , Spain , Belgium , Norway and the Channel Islands were hit by winds of up to 86 mph and gusts of up to 134 mph leaving 22 fatalities in it's wake back then I lived yards away from a huge tree that has it's roots deep under almost my entire housing estate so just imagine if that thing fell or worse got uprooted. Oh and get this the weather service said it's going to just pass by just imagine poor old Michael Fish who made the announcement about it just passing by he must of felt like a proper idiot.

  7. 4:06, I was hit by Sandy here in NJ so I know a little bit about it, the storm never weakened as hit the shore, the winds did but that’s because as it got bigger the winds became more spread out the size canceled the winds speeds out because all the energy was spread out as a vast region, Sandy’s pressure dropped to a Record Low 940 mb! That help cause Sandy’s 1 in 500 year Flooding and 8-16ft storm surge, if Sandy was smaller while maintains its pressure, it would have been a Cat 4 because that’s how low it’s pressure was! Sandy showed that despite being a Cat 1, Hurricanes of those winds still can be devastating and also that Hurricanes can hit places we’re Hurricanes are not known like NYC! Sandy caused 75 Billion in damage, 50 Billion from its storm surge and 25 billion in wind damages because it was so large! The climate is changing and Storms like Harvey, Sandy and Katrina will continue to happen if we don’t take action!

  8. Welp… *presses play* AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD GOD MAKE THE AUDIO STOP!!!!!!! *stops* oh… thank you…. UH.. nothing mom!!!!!! I WASN'T SCREAMING! !!

  9. It's things like this that make me happy that I live in Liverpool, England where the worst weather I experience is a slightly heavy wind and rain maybe an inch or two of snow.

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