Real ghost caught on Video Tape 10

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This is the latest paranormal activity caught on video of the little ghost girl. I did not see or hear her in the video but I did feel her grab my arm at the end of the video. The amazing thing I saw in the camera was the tissue and blind move. When I viewed the tape I was amazed that she was in the corner of the room. I have started to put together a way to really communicate with the ghost girl and find out what I can do in order to get her to pass on in peace.


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About the Author: Mark Apsolon


  1. I think this is fake
    Because he have mutch Video on this another Ghost if this Video really Real he become so mutch Subscribe than 238k and TV text him and he come to Mill Cash…

    Bad Fake dude ^^

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  3. This old video is so dumb. I know for the fact that this is fake and a set up. If it was a real ghost he wouldn't be keep moving every second and talking.. At 2:37 he was starting to move to the left side nothing was in the corner than at 2:48 something was in the corner… After he went back and forth back and forth nothing was there. For him to prove it's real he should of kept the camera on it until it move.. Close to the end I'm sure he turn the fan on than off real fast to blow the tissues a little!!

  4. How many times have you jerked awake feeling something is near you but there is nothing the eye can see? Time to recite this powerful words "Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha" 108 times or more. Find out more: bit(dot)ly/DSretreat

  5. There's a screeching sound whenever your camera passes through the "ghost"… is this vid already edited for effects or was that sound live along with the vid?

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