PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Guinness World Records Edition)

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Guinness World Records Edition)
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Greatest Height Achieved Launched from an Airbag (Blobbing)

Highest Shallow Dive

Most Walnuts Cracked with the Head in One Minute

Most Panes of Glass Run Through in a Minute

World’s Fastest Back Bend Walk

The Fastest 110m Hurdles on a Skateboard Using Hippy Jumps

Most One Finger Push Ups in 30 Seconds

Most Consecutive Pinky Pull-Ups

Most Bench Presses Underwater

Fastest 10 Meter Spider Walk

Most Concrete Blocks Broken in One Minute

Most Consecutive Handsprings

Fastest 100m on All Fours

Most Ice Blocks Broken With Single Karate Move

Furthest Washing Machine Throw

Most Drink Cans Crushed by Hand in a Minute

Highest Standing Jump

Fastest Hurdles in Flippers

One Handed Ladder Climb

The Fastest Time to Climb a Vertical Corridor With Feet

Most Kicks to the Head In One Minute

Most Cartwheels in a Minute (Without Hands)

Most Spins on a Unicycle In One Minute

Most Rope Skips While Keeping a Football in the Air in One Minute

The Most 360 Degree Somersaults in the Air Between Two Kiiking Swings

Longest Jump Between 2 Swiss Balls

Fitting Through A Tennis Racquet

Farthest Backflip off a Wall

The Most Consecutive Stairs Climbed on the Head

Most Baseball Bats broken with the Back in One Minute

Most Football Headers!

Most Dance Spins in a Minute by a Couple

Man Hit with Bowling Ball

Highest Waterfall Dive

Fastest Underpant Jumper

Longest Basketball Hook Shot

Fastest 10 Metres in the Box Split Position

Most Thomas Flairs on a Pommel Horse in One Minute

Highest jump Into Marshmallows

Sitting Skipping

Most Body Skips In One Minute

Highest Ramp Jump To Wheelchair


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