Chimp Learns to Trade | Extraordinary Animals | BBC Earth

Chimp Learns to Trade | Extraordinary Animals | BBC Earth
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Panzee the chimp is a remarkable creature who has learned the value of trade. Here she is challenged to pick tokens to trade for food. If she really is as intelligent as her handlers believe she is, she should choose the tokens for all her favourite foods first. So is she up to the task? Subscribe:

Taken from Extraordinary Animals Series 2.

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  1. I think that first experiment is useless. Its kinda oblivious behavior.
    However second experiment is very insightful. Its shows that chimps are just one level below from us in evolution chain. Who knows after millions of year later they can become more intelligent than us.

  2. It's real beauty n nothing any more expectations juz for food dats all nt like a eacha beamaninga political leaders n other industries Enaku ellam enuku naaney aalanum en kumbamey irrukanum adarkaaga avangala okka udavum tayar ?

  3. the only part that i wanna know deeper about is WHY at 0:56 is there an orangewith white a green with white a red with white then 5 blacks 4 with pink and 1 with white….there clearly is a reson for this colour scheme possible making it easier for the chimp and thats not mentioning the symbols on the pieces aswell… im just curious as to what the each stand for

  4. The US NAFTA negotiators should've been through this training before signing that disastrous deal.

    Panzi has sure read the art of the deal. Great trader!

  5. This probably the most pointless video I have seen presented as if it has some breakthrough ideas. And what the chick said sounded like an answer I would give in a test if I had pretty much no idea what the question was about

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