5 Ghosts Caught On Camera? Poltergeist

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The Top 5 best scary videos of REAL ghosts caught on camera. The witnesses claim that these are all true ghost stories, with real paranormal evidence and ghostly apparitions caught on tape.

This list contains footage that is all claimed to be real supernatural video, caught on camera by ghost hunters in real life as evidence of the paranormal. Real or fake? You decide.

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  1. It looks like when Michael walks upstairs and opens the bedroom door,something black runs towards the right side of the room..Creepy ….and then when he walks down stairs you can see something almost black watching him,then he pan around to the stairs and when he shows the door again it’s gone..

  2. If you see the first video. When he goes down the stairs. Look at the door. It has two small windows. On the right window you can see a face and eyes looking in. It’s a shadow figure

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