60 EXAMPLES HOW NOT TO DRIVE (May 2018) #771

60 EXAMPLES HOW NOT TO DRIVE (May 2018) #771
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60 EXAMPLES HOW NOT TO DRIVE (May 2018) #771 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I don't get Russia's obsession with guys turning left in front of oncoming traffic. They're sitting there, waiting to turn, certainly they can see the traffic coming right at them, and yet they'll pull out in front of an oncoming car or truck and get hit. What's up with that, is it a cultural thing? I've never been to Russia and probably never will now.

  2. The big guy, 2:43, who swung first got his ass handed to him by the smaller guy… proving once again that it ain't the size of the dog in the fight — it's the size of the fight in the dog! When it was done, big guy was done! He didn't care for some more… he'd just had more than up with which he could put! All the while the Russian домохозяйка was sitting in her car saying: "not needed, not needed,not needed"

  3. I sympathize with those who must put up with witless drivers in Russia and Japan… I even empathize with them — however (!), I don't have to put up with their particular brand of stupidity, sooooo basically IDGAF!

  4. hardly any ever bad crashes in the UK ,u know why ? we have stricter driving exams ,better cars and better roads and roundabouts ,cross junctions are a recipe for Tboning

  5. 4:20
    Uh oh. Bad idea. Don't hit a Police vehicle. It is rude & disrespectful. Get rid of your driver license. You are next to The Police. Hand them your driving license. You don't deserve to drive if you are rude. Get off my road.

  6. 2:53
    WOW WTF? I'm confused!
    Bro #1 walked out of his car to give Bro #2 a nice big hug! They hugged each other, and that's good to see, then all of a sudden the Bro threw the other Bro on the ground and started punching. What???
    I thought … gay, because you know.. homo? Get it? But Wtf?

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