Top 10 Terrifying Amusement Park Accidents

Top 10 Terrifying Amusement Park Accidents
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Some of the scariest theme park horror stories are about accidents at amusement parks. Whether it’s a woman falling 75-feet to her death at Six Flags Over Texas, the Mindbender Incident at Galaxyland or an employee death at Disneyland, these are some of the deadliest amusement park rides and some of the deadliest theme park accidents. WatchMojo counts down ten of the biggest ride malfunctions at theme parks.

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00:51 #10: A 75-Foot Drop at Six Flags Over Texas (2013) – Arlington, Texas, USA
01:44 #9: Employee Fatality at Disneyland (1974) – Anaheim, California, USA
02:28 #8: The Mindbender Incident at Galaxyland (1986) – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
03:22 #7: A Truly Intense “Mission: SPACE” at Disney World (2005-06) – Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
04:15 #6: A Shocking Day at Kings Island (1991) – Mason, Ohio, USA
05:04 A Deadly Crash at Expoland (2007) – Suita, Japan
05:45 #4: The Deadly Ride at Battersea Park (1972) – Battersea, London, England
06:31 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. The first one, the lady was overweight, and the restraint didn’t latch properly because of that. The ride operators should have never approved her to ride

  2. It's easy to make the bar lock and leave room. The woman at Six Flags shifted her weight to give her more room. This turned out to be bad.
    They also forget to tell of the woman, back in the 90's that drown when the Rapids boat she was on, capsized.

  3. The employee at Disneyland was not crushed, she was split in half. They installed collapsible walls on America Sings after the accident.

  4. If you feel that your safety belt/strap, etc is unsecure, tell the guy that's supposed to secure it, or if you know how to, secure it yourself. There's been a few times when I felt I wasn't secured in all the way and I checked the bars myself and sure enough, they weren't clicked in. Seeing videos like these/hearing of the accidents makes me feel sick to my stomach for some reason. Maybe I'm just being stupid though.

  5. Wholesome and Disney in the same sentence? I bet Auschwitz was real wholesome too huh? Walt was a Nazi sympathizer and very antisemitic.

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