LIVE: Rescue Tiger Gets Vet Exam at Wild Animal Sanctuary | The Dodo Live

LIVE: Rescue Tiger Gets Vet Exam at Wild Animal Sanctuary | The Dodo Live
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This recently rescued tiger is getting a check up! He’s now going to live the best life at his new sanctuary in Colorado. For more information on Wild Animal Sanctuary visit:

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  1. Vet Tech watches Dodo, literally drools at thought of intubating and placing IV catheter in A TIGER. OH MY GOD. Coolest thing EVER.

  2. I can just imagine what it's like to live in one of these sanctuaries,All the food you can eat,all the water you can drink,a lot of space to run around in and get a lot of exercise,top of the line vets just in case you get sick.I got a feeling that he'll have the time of his life

  3. I'm amazed at how people will treat such beautiful creatures that don't belong in captivity. When kept in captivity they need appropriate space, food and care. How could anyone declaw a big beautiful cat like this? How cruel. Thanks for taking in all the animals and letting them live out their lives as best as possible.

  4. It’s sad that I missed the live but i watched ??
    Thank you for saving animals and I love your videos ?. Pls take care of more and more animals.

  5. This was really great! He is a very beautiful tiger and it is terrible that he was declawed. That is one of the worst things that can be done to a cat. I hope the dental procedure went well and all of the tests came back within normal range. Thank you for giving these mistreated animals a wonderful and loving forever home.

  6. There is a condition called anaesthesia awareness which means that tiger could be feeling absolutely everything you do and hearing everything making this technically tourture . On the other hand he might not have that condition


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