Kenyan Street Food – HUGE GRILLED MEAT (Nyama Choma) Tour in Nairobi, Kenya | African Food!

Kenyan Street Food - HUGE GRILLED MEAT (Nyama Choma) Tour in Nairobi, Kenya | African Food!
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Nyama choma, or grilled meat, is one of the favorite things to eat in Kenya. It can be many different types of meat, and usually the meat is slow roasted, sliced in front of you on your table, and served with salt, chilies, and kachumbari. In this video we’re taking you on a tour of some of the best nyama choma in Nairobi, Kenya.

Khan has a been a great friend of mine for many years in Nairobi, Kenya. And he recently started Gikosh, an aviation art company. You can check out their stuff on and

We decided to go on an ultimate Nairobi street food nyama choma (roasted meat tour) of Nairobi, but with a twist. Some of his carpenters and welders dressed in their Gikosh costumes for the occasion, and we first set off the walk about Gikomba Market in Nairobi.

After walking around the market for a while, we stopped at a small spot to eat our first grilled meat – nyama choma. They served grilled beef, and so we ordered a few kgs to snack on. It was overall quite good, and a nice friendly environment.
Total price – 1,000 KES ($9.86)

Kenyatta Market – For many years, Kenyatta Market has been one of my go to places for ready made nyama choma in Nairobi. They always have a huge selection that’s ready to eat when you arrive. The only thing that can be a bit hectic is when all the meat stalls are all trying to get your business at once. Some of the vendors even fight each other for your business. We eventually chose a stall, and ordered up a huge amount of meat. We got a mixed selection, but mostly goat, and a chicken, plus a bunch of Kenyan food side dishes.
Total price – 700 KES ($6.90) per kg

Dagoretti Corner – Final stop on this Kenyan food nyama choma tour was at
Dagoretti Corner and specifically Carol Smart Butchery. This is where we got husted for some meat! A few of the butchers from the slaughterhouse followed us to a nyama choma spot, chose some meat, and sat down to eat with us. But I was totally ok with eat, and they were hilarious and very entertaining!
Total price – 2,000 KES ($19.72)

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  1. dont worry Mark with these complainers , you just shown the real Kenya , raw and unfiltered , the reality hurts sometimes , they should blame our government , not you .

  2. Most people here don’t know that mark did some of his high school in Kenya and actually lived in Kenya for a couple of years

  3. You are an awesome guy!! The whole place looked very unhygienic, but to see you having a good time is an incredible experience. Next time I will not hesitate to eat from one of these dumps ?

  4. To Mr Afrikan Traveller…first off all let me just say that  mark is doing a great job showing the true Kenya,  even though you may not think so. Yes People like me know who travel regularly know in Nairobi Kenya  there are much better places to visit, to eat, to socialize, enjoy the beaches, nightlife hotel accommadations and other amenities…we get it . But what you fail to understand is he is trying to put light on parts of your country that you and others like you don't want to come to light. it is what it is. I'm enjoying seeing the truth the simple people leading a simple life in their piece of their world. they are just as passionate as you are and proud to give a glimpse  of how they live. drunks,drug addicts thieves, or what ever you chose to call them again it is what it is…IT IS THE W@ORLD, not just your country this includes where I live in Philadelphia U.S.A. in love your country and belive it or not may be safer then Phila. Newyork, Washington, Of the U.S.

  5. The last two guys where just happy and grateful for a real meal ruthless in the comments…. Mark seemed fine …. ??‍♀️?

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