Greatest Dog Rescue Stories Abandoned Puppy Rescue Old House Destroyed Ruins

Greatest Dog Rescue Stories Abandoned Puppy Rescue Old House Destroyed Ruins
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01:20 Puppies Rescue Stories
02:45 Abandoned Dog in Old House Collapsed
04:35 Greatest Animal Rescue Abandoned
Dog Rescue Stories an Abandoned Dog in Old House Destroyed Ruins… Greatest Animal Rescue of My Life!


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  1. 1 – I don't believe it's real
    2- if the puppy doesn't want to eat don't force him because real rescued puppy's will eat so fast but that one didn't plus he looks in good form so no that's not real puppy rescue

  2. Not very realistic. Healthy puppy, not hungry and the same boy searching for a puppy that makes no sounds: distressed puppies make “lots” of noise. Pathetic.

  3. You know after seeing Victor's video.. I'm starting to doubt if you are actually true or not… know this.. if you are doing these just for mere views YOU'LL PAY HEAVILY but if you are true to what you're doing then PLEASE BE TRUE TO IT.

  4. It is always a very odd place the puppies are when they get some attention, this one is just silent and the boy finds him just like that. It is very odd. OR?

  5. Fuck you man stop making videos… I know u put that puppy there ? …….we don't believe it's a real dog rescue… Anyway I like ur film who's the producer and director ???u hopeless man

  6. Oh…..this is bad. Not as bad as the one where they bait the pet python with the pet puppy then rescue it. But I Shitzu not, its crap. Knock it off…..and the bottle….PULEEEASE…

  7. Eu nāo acho certo vcs q fazem este video, vcs põe a vida dos animais em risco ? prestem atençāo vcs q assistem estes videos, o homen fica filmando o sofrimento do animal, e năo ajuda até q aparece alguém q já está conbinado no caso sempre uma criança e a maioria dos cāes sāo filhotes, q eles salvam. Vamos parar de por a vida dos animais em risco só para ganhar audiencia, a maioria das vezes sāo filhotes .Alguém ai já percebeu me avise se concorda comigo!

  8. Fucking dog don’t want to drink milk he picky he wants dog food smh ??‍♀️ I would have let him starve to death I have no money to buy the food he wants to eat fuck out of here…

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