Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employs Rats To Care For Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF

Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employs Rats To Care For Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF
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RATS and cats aren’t famous for their strong friendship, however this New York cafe en’tails’ peace and harmony between the furry animals. The Brooklyn Cat Cafe located on Atlantic Avenue has recruited two rodents, Emile and Remy, to help care for young orphaned kittens.

Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Adam Gray
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ed Baranski
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. The white rat looked exactly as my dead rat, I miss him, his name was Eddie, he had a brother named Darwin, they were both albino. May you rest in heaven and peace Eddie and Darwin.

  2. I love love rats, I had 8 rats, but they have such a short life span and have a lot of respiratorie problems and often get tumors that I stopped getting new ones
    one of my cats and my white shepard loved the rats to, my other cats were afraid of them or stayed out of there way.
    sometimes I miss having rats

  3. I wouldn't want a cat who was raised by a rat. I'm trying to keep mice and rats out. He'd be inviting them in, talking about he's having a family reunion. lol

  4. "it gives us hope that we can all get along"…yeah well "hope" can only go so far and as long as humans remain the same foul bastards they've ALWAYS been, we'll all NEVER TRULY "get along".

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