A New Home for Yo-yo the Dog | PETA Animal Rescues

A New Home for Yo-yo the Dog | PETA Animal Rescues
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Like all chained dogs, Yo-yo suffered in miserable conditions and inadequate care. Now Yo-yo has a new life in a new home and he could not be happier! If you see a chained dog, say something! They need your help.

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  1. He coud bearyly moove? Our nabours dog lived on a 20 cm long chain, that was attached to the dog by a wire "collar". He was rearaly fed and he didnt have any shelter. I would come and feed him sometimes, but the owner yelled at me. Why do you think i am saying "had, did and was"? He was saved. Saved by deth. He died and no one exept me and my friend cared. The owner threy him in the suers and he was disonving there for months and months…

  2. I used to have a dog, and he would jump the fence. so when we would send him outside we put him on a chain, but only for a little bit, and the chain was long enough that he could play in almost the whole yard. but we had to get rid of him, so we gave him to a friend who we knew would take good care of him. also we didn't keep him out there for very long.

  3. Speak up to who ! We have a neighbor who chains up his dog all day in the snow and in the heat ! When we call animal control all they say is as long as they have water and shelter they could do this !!!! So who is it that we call ?

  4. I have a family neighbor who has young kids and has had dogs in the past. They got this husky 3 years ago or so. The dog gets shelter , food , water and goes in at nite. But is overall neglected for attention and walks. She;s on a very short leash at all times out in the yard. Someone did call the dog officer on them once before. I have tried to be friendly and address my concerns how I felt they dont treat their dog right but now they do not let me near the dog. and moved him to the other side of their house. The dog is so lonely and unhappy. These dog need to be run at least 2 hours a day and are pack animals.. It breaks my heart. I keep wishing the dog will get away so he can have a normal home that someone will take caer of her like she should be. From what I read in your posts, your way is only to befriend them I dont think this will work since their personalities are bad. especially not from me . Is their anything else that can be done? They dont deserve this dog shes just a prop. she got away twice but was caught right after.

  5. That's why when I get a dog and my own place I'll keep the dog in the house, I don't like my dogs being outside, my parents just made me put them outside ?

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! But take it a step further and chain the owners to a pole without adequate shelter – even for just a day – and let them feel what their dogs must feel under those circumstances!!!

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