5 Ghosts Caught On Camera – Poltergeist

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The Top 5 scary videos of ghosts, poltergeists and haunting caught on tape and witnessed in real life. Some of the best creepy videos of paranormal activity and scary caught on camera videos.

While hunting for a ghost,woman finds what she’s looking for in a haunted hotel in San Antonio Texas. A biker has an eerie poltergeist experience in an abandoned place. In Korea, a Youtuber explores the most haunted hospital in the world and has a bizarre encounter with an apparition. All this and more strange supernatural mysteries!

I hope you enjoyed this Nuke’s Top 5 video. If ya did, why not check out a couple more? 🙂

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  1. "is it a ghost or not? you decide"

    God damn it Nuke I barely can decide what I want for breakfast, don't give me such responsibility

  2. The one of the dirt bike rider is soooooo fake how could no one see the shadow right next to him of a guy trying to hide after throwing the spray can?

  3. Come on man it's a ghost man they don't do shit. I clean a church by myself but I'm not scared and I don't even whisper I talk to them . The lights goes on and off doors are slamming hard and also I see shadows. It's scary but I don't act like freaking out. I sometimes smoke a joint just to calm the nerves no biggie

  4. #1 has a cut in it right after she “conveniently” decided to show us closet number 2. Come on people! In a place like that, why would you have to fake evidence? Once you fake a video, no one will believe anything else you post. Reputation: Ruined.

  5. ALL of this is fake. They just have a guy who helps them do scary stuff. And they want many viewers so they get rich but all off this is fake. don't think it's real…(but mabey it's real no one knows)

  6. 2:002:04 Some bad editing, you could even hear how the air conditioning isn't on in the first clip and then it switches to the second clip to where you can hear it now.

  7. During the day
    cabinet gets ripped off the wall and flies past my head almost killing me
    Me: ehh prolly just wind
    At night
    dog sneezes

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