5 Ghosts Caught On Camera by Ghost Hunters

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Top 5 SCARY videos of poltergeists, ghostly apparitions, shadow creatures, and other scary things caught on camera by ghost hunters! Some of the best ghost videos ever caught on tape.

A ghost hunter named Frank gets locked in a cemetery during a paranormal investigation and catches some creepy supernatural footage. During a supernatural investigation, one of the poltergeists of Waverly Hills plays ball with a skittish visitor. A ghost tour of a haunted house gets very weird for an unsuspecting Australian tour group in real life. G Team Paranormal finds more than they expected at Brushy Creek Mountain and all of it is caught on video. And finally, a team of ghost hunters in Wales has an encounter with strange shadow people in a haunted building.

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  1. 08:12 it has my name on the opposite wall, does that mean the Ghost knows me too cus i'm watching this?? OOO NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ffs… How do you Americans survive, like really, you get scared by every little thing 😀 And these are apparently some famous Ghost Hunters, i watch this stuff all the time, and i've never heard of them.

  2. so his flash light blinking like that is his thumb pressing it letting the guy whos in the crypt know hes coming and too hide. this is not a ghost, this is a hoax for views.

    3:18 he aims the light at the open doors to let his friend know to play the music box but claims his battery was going out.

    3:26 his thumb is on the button.

  3. Pfff. childish music box in a cemetery… like in a b horror movie. Then the usual ghost who has nothig to do better than put part of hi head outside of an angle to watch at the camera at the rigth moment. The first guy should really think to something original if he want to make fake videos, all those bullshit have been used many times already.

  4. Strange because i think that really was a ghost at 4:04. He was shaking like he was about to pass out too. That's what happened to me when I saw a ghost.

  5. In the 1st 1 he said he got locked in by accident. So why did he have night time equipment on him if he wasnt planning on being there in the dark??

  6. The first scene could be real or could be a friend in all black with a black ski mask over his/her face. His camera shot black because of a flashlight, but if that is done it would be simple to edit without looking like it's edit while it's blacked out. A music box could be place out there prior to shooting for that effect. My motto is; ghost don't look for me so why should I look for them.

  7. Ghost hunter: hears creepy music in locked down cemetery. goes to investigate
    Ghost hunter: "nah imma go investigate these mausoleums as far away from my car as I can get"
    Me: "YOU WANT TO DIE?!?!?!"
    Ghost hunter: sees a freakin ghost watching him, walks over and then INTO the same room he saw the ghost
    Me: Welp….he's dead…

  8. If I will go to a haunted house, I would bring holy water, and if something touched me, I will pour the holy water to my fist and try punching the shadowy thingy.

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