Mother Nature Angry Caught On Camera – Amazing Monster Flash Flood Compilation ✔P7

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Mother Nature Angry Caught On Camera – Amazing Monster Flash Flood Compilation ✔P7

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About the Author: This Happened On Our Earth


  1. I pray the god, Blood thrist and greedy humans don't live on this earth.
    O fitna fisad karne Wale insaan neist-o-nabood ho Ja. Allah ka azaab bohat bora hay.

  2. Enpesaron los juicios de Dios ami se doblara toda rodilla y todo onble con fesara a Dios mintra ay vida arrepentirse.oy es el dia mañana puede ser tarde un unfarto al corazon .un axcidente biolento no tubistes tenpo de pedir perdon a tu Dios y no y otro. a uste le formaron un dios en su mente q no exciste mire al Dios q bencio la muerte unico ser bendito y no ay mas estudie la biblia lo yeba ala???vida eterna con cristo con el. demonio muerte☠? eterna el infirno es real??

  3. I Pray That GOD will have Mercy On All these Peoples In JESUS Name I Pray Amen ! All Power And Praise And Glory And Blessings And Thanks Be To Almighty GOD !

  4. I remember a newspaper story that appeared in a Philadelphia news paper back in the 60's. It was a little filler item one paragraph long. The title read "200,000 Die In (forgot the place name) Monsoon"
    so I see nothings changed except the coverage.

  5. पूरी दुनिया में पानी ही पानी और हमारे यहां बाबाजी का घंटा

  6. We as people can't fight against Mother Nature No matter where we live there's all ways something with Mother Nature that we as Humans got to put up with

  7. سبحان لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم اللهم إنا، نعوذ برضاك من سخطك وبمعافتك من عقوبتك فالطف بعبادك المسلمين يارب العالمين………

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