Kolkata Office Staffs Enjoying Masala Dosa @ 30 rs Each – Street Food India

Kolkata Office Staffs Enjoying Masala Dosa @ 30 rs Each - Street Food India
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Kolkata Office Staffs Enjoying Masala Dosa @ 30 rs Each – Street Food India.

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  1. Plz come rajabazar n taste d street food cfc gfc n hfc n rajabazar speacial biryani indian biryani n shamim biryani last but not d least rajabazar spcl faluda lyk choclate faluda creamy faluda kulfi faluda etc plz come rajabazar kolkata700011

  2. greetings, foiling the dosa on top with printed paper (should cover with full leafes) , my goodness, all chemicals with eaters, let them enjoy, and insspite of saying still no education to the people who make food which is regrettable.

  3. डोसा बनाने वाला गधा है, जितनी बार डोसा बना रहा उतनी बार प्याज काट रहा, पहले से काट कर नही रखे है

  4. If you want to eat, you should work for a living meal that is not an easy life to do work
    اذا كنت تريد ان تاكل يجب ان تعمل لقمه العيش ليست سهله الحياة عباره عن عمل??

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