Couple Drops Everything to Save Thousands of Vervet Monkeys | The Dodo Wild Hearts

Couple Drops Everything to Save Thousands of Vervet Monkeys | The Dodo Wild Hearts
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Steve Smit and Carol Booth of Monkey Helpline spend 20 hours a DAY rescuing vervet monkeys.

To help save more vervet monkeys, you can support Monkey Helpline in South Africa: ”

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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  1. You're doing a great job. I'm no expert and we know education is key. Feeding/fundraising etc maybe if robes were tired between trees etc from each side of the roads can help.

  2. I had a vervet Monkey when I was a child. We lived on a farm so it was free to go wherever it wanted. It would come inside to house and steel sweets. It would chase the chickens. It would climb from tree to tree. It would disappear days but always return home. It was the best times.

  3. I wanted a monkey when I was a kid. I’m glad I never got one, not because they aren’t great animal friends, but rather I’m pretty convinced most animals should just be outside, living a normal life. These monkeys though need help so that’s awesome. But I have a cat now. It adopted me. It was feral and he took months to even touch. He came to my back door every morning and I gave him cat food — there are a lot of cats that come around so I just learned to keep food on hand in a large bin. But he still lives outside but he has a house — heated with the warmest heater in the winter — and two beds so I can rotate them out and wash them. He gets dry food, a can of Fancy Feast, and water. Supposedly milk is bad for cats and he won’t even drink it. But he’s pretty happy being an outdoor cat.

  4. Steve be careful around power lines for f_ck sakes! If you get that close to them to rescue a monkey better be DAMN sure the ladder you are standing on is not grounded or you will get roasted one of these days.

  5. Wow guy's that's so awesome of you guy's to nurse them & then you let them loose where they belong.
    What kind of baby monkey is the one you have. How big do they grow.

  6. You shouldn't put these people on here they are not what they seem!! That guy is crazy and a pervert and she is very strange. This is true you are promoting people who pre tend to do good but they DONT!! I'm unsubscribing if you keep promoting weirdos!!

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