After An Abandoned Pastel Fox Was Rescued, She Found Love In The Unlikeliest Place

After An Abandoned Pastel Fox Was Rescued, She Found Love In The Unlikeliest Place
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  1. I really hope and pray that those people who abuse animals like this repent before is too late cuz in the lake of fire is no mercy for evil ones cuz there's no need to mistreat abuse or kill animals for their fur there is alot of ways to have beautiful clothes without hurting innocent animals ?.
    thank God for the person who rescue the beautiful fox and give him a chance to live and be love thank you for that

  2. I’d rather die then wear real fur. The way those poor animals are kepted and skinned alive for there fur. Whoever wears fur is just as disgusting as the fur farmers. There is nothing wrong with faux fur. It makes me ashamed to be human.x

  3. come on,im not buying 5billion in one year made from fox fur, were the hell did you pull that figure from that works out at 25 million foxes a year, so im saying the whole story rings out as BS, anyone with an ounce of common sense will just know the figure is impossible, real fur has 75% been replaced by artificial fur over the last 40 years, id believe 5 million just,but billion just rings as total BS, When attacking places like these fur farms, the one thing you never do is BS the figures,it does too much damage when proven false, then these companies can claim other true information is fake news just like the"figures that were claimed before" and people will believe them or have doubts Lastly you need to get the verbal part of the video right,because you are sadly lacking video and photos for these videos,probably because you use others work without seeking permission, and getting away with it by using 25% or less of their actual original post,just like a dozen similar channels, many are believed to be set up by Chinese and Europeans criminal gangs for extra profit

  4. The Germans revere wildlife and take excellent care of it. Grocery stores have a
    section for wild animal treats at all times, and if you're lucky enough to have an

    Igel (hedgehog) in your yard, neighbors get envious. Dogs are allowed in restaurants
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    your pooch and talk with you as well. You never see a stray or uncared for animal
    at large.

  5. I always say everything for a reason. That means whatever these two went through it was all to bring them together.

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