5 Natural Disasters Caught On Tape

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In this video, we’ll take a look at the 5 Natural Disasters Caught On Tape. However, we also know that nature can be harsh and cruel. These videos show that beyond being dangerous and damaging towards our civilization, these events shape our planet and sometimes affect where and how we live.

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  1. I had a huge thunderstorm at the 4th of July, We had a wall cloud “Which sometimes Makes tornadoes”, But luckily nothing too severe happened and no tornado came, just pouring rain.

  2. What exactly about #5 is a natural disaster? People had to get out of the rain? My goodness!

    Nice voice morpher by the way.

  3. Mount Saint Helens actually affected Michigan's climate that year in 1980 after Mount Saint Helens erupted my dad told me that it was 80 degrees on Christmas morning. Before Mount Saint Helens erupted there were five foot high snow banks in Michigan now snow barely goes above two and a half feet.

  4. You idiot, edit more carefully. Nothing can prevent a natural disaster, which you erroneously state. The current system identifies approaching natural disasters to give people early warning to escape.

  5. nice video, however i was really disappointed that a tornado (like the joplin tornado) didnt make the list

  6. About the Number 4 document:-
    I was only 4 when my family saw tsunami disaster We survived ,personally I ain't an Indian but a Sri Lankan in this video rather than Indonesia or India, this fottage is from Sri Lanka !!! It was the worse thing we ever saw in this country !!

  7. 5 Natural Disasters Caught On Tape

    1. "even though this wasn't a natural disaster, this footage shows the true power of nature".

    So that'd be 4 natural disasters caught on tape and one cool looking cloud then 😛

  8. Sadly I am now unsubscribing from a channel I once very much enjoyed. I no longer hold out hope that Mr. M. Will return, clearly something underhanded has occurred and I will not help the channel appear to be business as usual by adding to its numbers. Wishing Mr. M. Happiness and success wherever he is now. ??

  9. Sorry dude, but the Tsunami was waaaaaay more destructive than the quake. It was only 2011. How do you not know that?

  10. (Burma….nobody knows that communist term "Myanmar". It's the same propaganda Turkey used to force other countries to stop using the Greek names of cities, even though they never legally changed them on paper; never mind the fact that those mongols still used perverted Turkmenized Greek names and pretend that isn't the case.)

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