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  1. “This is very bad” that just could’ve been this guys last words, lucky he didn’t die as that would be the calmest and honestly lame last words ever lol

  2. This is the same model plane that the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd crashed in. It looks like a similar problem to what they encountered. The engine fire and crash from fuel exhaustion killed half of the band members, but they hit trees just short of the airport. The thing that saved most of these passengers was probably the lack of trees.

  3. Convair CV-340 July 10, 2018: A Rovos Air local flight (in vintage Martin's Air Charter livery) crashed on takeoff in Pretoria, South Africa due to possible engine failure leaving one dead (one among 19 occupants). The plane crashed into a dairy farm near the airport. The plane was about to leave for Aviodrome air museum in the Netherlands. From Wikipedia

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