Doorbell camera spots 'GHOST' outside house!

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Meni Pitoscia, 46, captured the footage with her motion-activated doorbell camera while waiting for a parcel to be delivered in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. It shows a translucent presence emerging from a bench on the left, crossing in front of the camera, and then passing out of view on the right. Mrs Pitoscia said: ‘My dog started barking and ran towards the door. I was awaiting a package so I figured it was the courier approaching the door.’ She added that most people think the clip shows paranormal activity.

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  1. Personally, I'd like to think that stealth camouflage technology has advanced such a degree as to be able to make the wearer completely transparent and this was just a government op wearing a classified stealth suit who just happened to get caught by some random dude's motion activated camera.

  2. Женщина провела мимо объектива камеры чем-то, фокусное расстояние не позволяет рассмотреть, что это !). Абсолютно обычное явление. Поставьте телефон снимать улицу и проведите в 2-3см у объектива, например, спичкой. Просмотрите результат. Ужаснитесь!)))

  3. In the news there was written that the dog was barking and that the motion detector was activated, SO HOW CAN IT BE JUST AN INSECT?? Unbeliever!

  4. От себя могу сказать, что иногда бывали случаи, что где-то идешь и вроде
    показалась фигура человека, поворачиваешься чтобы разглядеть, а там уже
    ничего нет… И такое бывает со многими людьми, а потом говорят, что
    померещилось, а оно вон как бывает – буквально пару секунд…

    From myself I can say that sometimes there were cases that you were going somewhere and a human figure seemed to appear, you turn around to make out, and there is nothing there already … And this happens with many people, and then they say that it is imagined, but it’s as it happens – just a couple of seconds …

  5. У меня в 50 метрах от дома стоят баки с мусором… как только появляется ветер как на этом видио – так начинают летать полупрозрачные приведения… в сильный ветер все соседние кусты в этих монстрах))) At me in 50 meters from the house there are tanks with garbage… as soon as there is wind on this video – so start flying translucent cast… in a strong wind all the nearby bushes in these monsters)))

  6. Ok…it aint no damn bug on the lense :-/ because theres CLEARLY a shadow of a PERSON on the wall!! :-/ so is it possible they were hunched over so the camera didnt catch them but their shadow still show on the brick wall?? Definitely a creepy video.

  7. Probably a bug on the camera lens or the thing you see just a bug wing across the lens. Plus it doesn’t appear out of know where if you can slowly take a look is start from the bottom left to the right

  8. I would say ghost, but looks also a bit like a fly’s wing or dragon flys wing walking on camera just off frame.

    Imagine the size of the camera for a sec ???

    See what I’m sayin? ?

    If not…..THEN DEF A GHOST! ?

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