10 STRANGE Natural Disasters CAUGHT ON TAPE

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Welcome to Top10Archive! You may have heard of strange natural phenomenon, but due to their rarity may have never had the pleasure of experiencing them first hand. While we can’t call forth some amazing events for you to witness, we can put together this list of the ten strangest natural occurring events, complete with video proof!

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10. Suicidal Fish
9. Rogue Waves
8. Frost Flowers
7. Lunar Rainbow
6. The River of Sand
5. Ball Lightning
4. Earthquake Lights
3. Brinicles
2. Exploding Rocks
1. Earth’s Trumpet



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  1. Earths trumpet is mentioned in Quran that was the 1st trumpet but the second will be the end of the world if scientists just read the Quran they might discover a lot of things.

  2. Earth trumpet…. I won't pretend to know the cause, but I will tell you it will scare the shit out of you if you have ever seen war of the worlds. I would guess it has to do with mixing air masses inducing a venturi effect. If the pressure gradients and densities are different enough I could understand how they could cause a resonation in the atmosphere the same way they cause tornadoes.

  3. Most of these things can be explained by HAARP, strange clouds, even detailed images in the sky etcetera, moonbows are pretty awesome though. I got to see a pentuple rainbow once and that was pretty amazing. The trumpet noises are intended to sound like a trumpet, I haven't learned whether it is man made or God keeping his word, but either way, its intended purpose is to reference the trumpets prophesied in the Bible. Fish jumping outta the water, dolphin suicide, that's what happens when you blast the ocean with painful sonic waves. -also military. Why, I haven't quite figured out yet, but I bet if someone put their head in the water during one of these events, it would become very clear what was going on.

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