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  1. caught on camera but actually not caught or not shown . waste of my time and yours becau this will not endear you to those looking fora cheap thrill

  2. the craziest crash one of my family memebers survive is when my aunt was on a narrow round on the hills and the bus was rolling down the hill but he just broke her leg and arm

  3. My dad was driving with my pop and a car ? crashed into him at half speed luckily my dad and pop survived the men driving the other car was with his child and he got fined. But luckily my dad and pop was not fined

  4. I was in a car crash with my Dad (Rest in peace, he didn't survive…). I was in the front seat when he started speeding and I freaked out and we nearly hit another car, and then hit a trash truck the next intersection over. I used his phone to contact my Stepmom. I was stuck for a while before some people figured out how to unhinge he broom from the door. I got away with four injuries. To this day I still get scared on certain things when I'm in a car, and I will never ride shotgun.
    I was twelve then, this was about two years ago. That should tell you how young I am (and was)

  5. I witnessed a mom running her car in front of a semi with her kids in the car. None of them survived and I watched it. The entire thing

  6. I survived IUGR 🙂
    pneumonia 🙂
    10 days without water 🙂
    3 weeks without food 🙂
    Almost bleeding to death 🙂
    2 suicide attempts 🙂
    And I’m currently surviving school 🙂

  7. My dad tried to get my mom from work but a car filled with a few girls crashed into him but he was injured then he went to the doctors to see if he was ok but he did not pick my mom but the girls were ok to

  8. I guess you didn't know that people come here to watch videos, not photos. Why the heck would I come to Youtube instead of google to see some photos of disasters?

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