Top Viral Animal Videos – May 2019

Top Viral Animal Videos - May 2019
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Here are Newsflares best viral animal videos of May 2019.

From cute, heart-warming to downright funny…we have it all! Let us know which one of these hilarious animal videos was your favourite.

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  1. 1:24 that is a Puli. They are from Hungary. They are supposed to look like that. Their is even a bigger, usually light grey/white version called the Komaondor. If I remember correctly, the Puli herds sheep and the Komaondor, (also from Hungary) guards. They both have cords because if a predator grabs them, they can escape cause the predator only gets a mouth full of fur.

  2. The goats are Jeep Junkies, they are born to jump on Jeeps. Don`t be angry at them. Nice laugh of yours at the end of the clip… 🙂

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