The Slide of Doom: Fails of the Week || FailArmy

The Slide of Doom: Fails of the Week || FailArmy
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FailArmy is in the house! Once again we bring you the freshest fails of the week, conveniently placed in one delightful compilation. A lot of people ask us why we do this, and the answer is because we love you. This week we introduce the slide of doom, a motorcycle full of bees, and much more! Submit YOUR fails to


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Guy Hits Camera With Baseball
Guy Ties to Do Tricks on Bike
Aerial Dancer Breaks Chain and Falls to the Mat
Student Throws Backpack Behind Head Into Trash
Graduate Faceplants During Graduation Tradition Jump
Fisherman Gets Inked by Squid
Guy Puts On Suit and Rides Motorcycle Covered in Bees
Poodle Struggles to Walk on Ice
Man Attempts To Load an ATV on a Pickup Truck
Guy Breaks Glass Doing Corkscrew Flip
Guy Makes Family and Girlfriend Laugh After Getting Wisdom Teeth Out
Soccer Player Plays Dizzy Bat at Practice
Dog Runs Full Speed Into Truck
Go Kart Rider Gets Rear-Ended While Trying to Take a Selfie
Guy Fails to Climb Tree
My Dad attempted to get on a hoverboard
Hedgehog Pushes Other Hedgehog Into Water Bowl
Emu Humps Car
Man Breaks Skateboard After Kickflip
Guy Falls in Hang Glide Attempt
River Zip-Line Tree Branch Fail
Fisherman Gets Hit Between the Legs with Lure
Cyclist Tumbles Down a Hill
Guy Does Flips on Slackline and Falls
Guy Fails to Jump Onto Trampoline
Girls Attempt to Create Funny Video and Break Swing Set
Twirling Hula Hoop Breaks Light
Couple Falls Off Hoverboard
Airplane Crashes on an Airfield


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  1. Oh boi yes you can get happy from drugs
    In its purest form actually
    And lets be real here hardcore christians
    The "min expanding oil" or whatever it was called wasnt fucking sunflower oil

  2. 1:34 Yep, I've heard that before. That's a bad starter. When you turn the key and it makes that sound, you just need to get yourself a new starter, no way around it. It'll run ya about uhhhhhhhhhhhhh $450 for both parts and labor. But I might could cut you a deal and do an even 400 if you go ahead and let me get started on it today.

  3. 5:59 what is this? I see it all the time in fail videos. Is it some weird drug Americans use for dentistry work? Here in the UK it just numbs your mouth.

  4. Please sub to my channel anybody I’m trying to get back out there again on youtube I used to be good but I’ve lost 20 subs in 2 days I don’t know what to do please sub and tell me so I can thank you! ?

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