Surgery saves dog with lung perforated and exposed

Surgery saves dog with lung perforated and exposed
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Air billowed out of the wound with every breath she took, and she cowered in a thicket, hiding and confused by pain. With a degloving wound over her ribs and a punctured lung, we didn’t know if this old girl could survive such a trauma. We rushed her into emergency surgery, inserting a tube to re-establish negative pressure, thoroughly flushed the wound and began the several layers of sutures that we hoped would save her. We would wait for several days before we knew if she would make it. But her extraordinary will to live was even bigger than her wound. Watch beautiful Maxine today. And for the sweetest older dogs who are out there now, please donate.

This video includes actual footage from surgery and is intended for educational and inspirational purposes to encourage viewers to support street animal rescue, volunteering and protection of animals everywhere.


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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. If a dog needs blood then who will donate this? A dog? Then vets must need to store blood then of various groups of animals for various groups? Would one kind of dog blood match the other?

  2. I'm in USA. I let the advertisements play on both ends of any video. All people watching should. It costs YOU nothing, but pays Animal Aid. If EVERYONE watching did, this video would have made $4,300 by now.

  3. I dislike because I'm sad for them animals it's not because I hate this channel and the video it's because I'm literally crying right now cause I watched to many videos and it made me cry so much??

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