Southern Thai Food (แกงใต้) – Stink Beans and Fiery Chilies!

Southern Thai Food (แกงใต้) - Stink Beans and Fiery Chilies!
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There are many regional variations of Thai food, but southern Thai food (แกงใต้) is my absolute favorite. Get southern Thai food in Bangkok here:

Thai cuisine is diverse and varies quite drastically by region. Northeastern food from the Isaan region often includes dishes like som tam (green papaya salad), grilled meats, and just about everything is eaten with sticky rice. Bangkok central Thai food is also different, with a number of stir fry dishes and creations. Southern Thai food (แกงใต้) is more similar to Malaysian cuisine, with rich coconut milk based curries, fiery chilies, and lots of turmeric roots. In the south of Thailand, seafood is also quite common, especially shrimp, squid, and fish.

So I’m going to be honest and say that I love every regional variation of Thai food, but southern Thai food has a special place in my heart. First of all, my wife, who is Thai, is from the south of Thailand, in Krabi. So most of the time when I’m in Thailand and eating at home, I am spoiled with southern Thai food. After years of enjoying the dishes, I still just can’t get over how pungent and delicious the dishes from the south are. They use such wonderful combinations of fresh ingredients, curry spices, coconut milk, fresh turmeric root, shrimp paste, and fresh vegetables to garnish. Along with a range of different dishes, white steamed rice is always present and goes so well with any meal spread.

If you’re not in the south of Thailand, and in Bangkok, my favorite restaurant for southern Thai food (แกงใต้) is Ran Luam Dtai (ร้านรวมใต้). This gem of a Bangkok restaurant serves all the southern classics that you can imagine, all prepared and waiting in the glass cabinet to be order and devoured. Everything looks amazing everytime I go, but the reality is that I had to choose just a few different dishes because I couldn’t eat everything. While I really love other southern Thai food dishes like Kua Kling Moo (คั่วกลิ้งหมู) or Nam Prik Kaphi (น้ำพริกกะปิ), this time I chose: Goong Pad Sataw (กุ้งผัดสะตอ), Gaeng Tai Pla (แกงไตปลา), and Ganeg Som (แกงส้ม).

I began this meal with the Ganeg Som (แกงส้ม), a sweet and sour southern Thai dish that is made with fish, a choice of vegetable (in my case I got coconut shoots), and a fiery soup that incuded garlic, chilies, turmeric, and lime juice. Gaeng Tai Pla (แกงไตปลา) is another favorite, a Thai curry made with fish innards. The gravy is dark and super salty, but beautifully flavorful. For the third dish I ordered Goong Pad Sataw (กุ้งผัดสะตอ), one of my favorite dishes in the world. It consists of the incredible tasting stink beans, little green colored beans that have a heavenly flavor and a wonderful crunch. These three dishes along with a couple plates of rice and I was incredibly satisfied! When you visit Thailand, don’t miss out trying southern Thai food (แกงใต้).

Ran Luam Dtai ร้านรวมใต้
Address: 375/4 P้hrannok Rd, Bangkoknoy, Bangkok, Thailand 10700
Phone: 02-4110842
Hours: Daily 6:00 — 20:00
Price: About 30 THB ($1) per dish, 2 of us ate this giant feast for 240 THB ($8).
375/4 ถ.พรานนก เขตบางกอกน้อย กทม. 10700
โทร. 02-4110842
เปิด-ปิด 6.00-20.00

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  1. Very good healthy foods I love sticky bean with rice is the best thank you for sharing Yin should tell you stop shaking your stupid body not nice at all .

  2. So sad that Southern style is the rarest Thai food in USA. Maybe it's too strong for (most) western people.

    Heck, I'm not even a Southy… But I'm really craving for Gang Som right now.

  3. Sounds like you get an Endorphin kick from southern Thai food. I used to love spicy food but as I got older, my body cannot tolerate it.

  4. Hey Mark… ive been watching all your thai food videos… your expressions for good food are amazing! makes me want to go to Thailand just to eat all the delicious food! i've tried it a number of times and have loved it!  and being indian, i loooove spicy food and can handle a lot of heat like you! when u heap on chopped chillies and chilli paste onto ur dishes, makes my mouth water !!! thanks for all the videos! seems like u enjoy thai food the most! 🙂

  5. hmmm but I have to say, I'm not a fan of stinky beans at all.. I can eat it, but prefer to avoid it, which is unfortunate because those my mom likes to cook prawn sambal with those beans….

  6. soooo homesick sobs. again, it's so cool to see the cultural similarities of southern thai food and malay food 🙂 argh I really should learn how to cook these food the next time I went back home.

  7. hi mark..i just want you to know..i enjoy watching all ur vids . the best is when ur face explode with excitement in eating delicious thai food..i know ur wife does all the filming without saying a words once.. can i ask you mark..doe's she get to eat with you to,because we never get to see this yet..?

  8. Gang tai pla has a very distinctive smell. It think it comes form the fish bladders. If you've ever seen how this is made you might think – "Who came up with this!?" Nothing like it. 

  9. If I'm not mistaken, "Stink Beans" are also known as Sator Beans, a little more acceptable. I believe these dishes are served by the famous Jitlada restaurant here in Los Angeles.

  10. I think I was there last February!  Your Videos keep getting better, and better, Great descriptions, love the stink beans, too, much better than the name sounds! 
    Keep the great videos going, would rather watch your channel than the Travel Channel.

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