Scared dog gets hit by a car in Hollywood – the artist who found her did something special for us.

Scared dog gets hit by a car in Hollywood - the artist who found her did something special for us.
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After Noelle Hetzel spotted Honey Pepper, she knew to call Hope For Paws for help because she has been following our work for a while 🙂
Noelle was concerned about the huge medical bill that is coming our way in order to save this special dog, so she painted our Lucky Leash on a model and other than this beautiful result, she was also able to raise over a thousand of dollars towards Honey-Pepper’s vet bill. I will post the photo on our Instagram:

If you would like to follow Noelle’s work or thank her for being so amazing and for waiting for Loreta Frankonyte and I battled traffic to get to her and for helping us raise funds, please visit her YouTube page:

Our rescue work is so expensive because the animals we rescue are animals that live on the streets and are at constant risk of getting hit by cars. Please become a Hope For Paws team member today with a small donation:

If you would like to adopt Honey Pepper, please contact our amazing friends at L.A Animal Rescue. They took care of her after her surgery and as she recovered, they helped her gain trust in humans again and the result is beautiful! If you would like to adopt Honey Pepper, please contact them directly:

Thank you so much for sharing her story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 🙂


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  1. She's a Chiweenie isn't she??? So beautiful. She's got the same coloring as my chihuahua Tessie. Tessie is missing a leg due to a car accident. This video made me think of what she must have gone through as a puppy. Poor girl.
    I'm glad Honey's leg got saved. What a wonderful vet.

  2. You guys are PETA's worst nightmare come true. As they want to euthanize all strays and such, you guys doing what you do must make them so mad.

  3. Dad : What do you want to do when u grow-
    Me : Hope for paws! 😀
    Dad : Whos hope for p-
    Dad : You know those people just work to save animals and dont get money…
    Dad : Geez, ok
    ( This actually happened in the car xD. I wanna start saving animals right now! Im just 10 years old 🙁 )

  4. Ohhh i love u wee Honey Pepper, wot a class wee dog!! God bless you in ur recovery for finding a forever home!! Id take u in a heartbeat if i didnt live so far away in N Ireland?…. thanku Noelle for staying with her & bringing her hope & comfort & to the thoughtless scumbag who hit & run, may u feel ashamed of yourself & i hope you see this video!!!

  5. Hi that was a great job in saving that dog, well I need to ask u for some advice, I’m a older male ( retired) and have a cocker spaniel bout 12 years old , anyways I have a friend who needs to find a home for a German Shepard hybrid, he is 7 years old and has had a rough life until my friend got him, he also has dogs and cats and this dog is very calm around them, he really has become a house dog . Now I do know this dogs history I guess what I’m asking is should I take him I also have major health issues but working on them to get better, I’m on the east coast in NC . One more thing I’m pretty sure this dog was born in the wild until he ran into humans that would feed him not consistently and he was also taken down live stock , but he is very calm dog ? Thanks Kevin

  6. I admire your wonderful job, but, in this case i think it would probably been better to use a board and slide it slowly under the dog, then lift it all up.

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