Unexpected Friend Transforms Abused Dog

Unexpected Friend Transforms Abused Dog
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An abused dog in India was rescued, but nothing seemed to heal her fearful heart. Until one day she met with a surprise…

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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Who can do such a horrible act to another being …poor little dog. instead of a heart they have something else….i have rescued 2 hairy? body's they're my unconditional friends

  2. Hurt, heartbroken, betrayed, dismayed, and discouraged is what i felt while watching this video. My heart aches and i get very emotional but i couldn’t stop watching the darn video because i believe that there is hope for animals that were betrayed. IF ONLY I AM A MILLIONAIRE but i am not…. please tell me how to donate, i dont have much in life but my heart was filled with compassion and i was moved.
    Jesus thought me how to love people. And i will apply it to animals too!

  3. Okay, I'll admit it: I had to skip to the last minutes. I could not watch this poor dog's suffering. Just. Could. Not. Watch. It.

    The person who did this…I only want to ask them, why? Just killing the dog outright would be less cruel- and already monstrous- then torturing them like this. This person must have looked into this dog's eyes and felt nothing. That is profoundly disturbing.

  4. She's beautiful!!! Why do people do this!! It's so much easier and feels so good just to be nice to all living creatures!!

  5. Ohhh if I could find or know where that sub human bottom feeder is I'd gladly wipe it off the face off the earth. What scum to do that. Thank you kind and beautiful people.

  6. People like you guys are the reason this world is so balanced between good and bad you guys are so good and great. I wish you nothing but love, happiness and good fortune.

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