Teppanyaki LOBSTER & STEAK – Amazing Knife Skills and Fire Cooking in Waikiki, Hawaii!

Teppanyaki LOBSTER & STEAK - Amazing Knife Skills and Fire Cooking in Waikiki, Hawaii!
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First time eating teppanyaki in Waikiki, Hawaii!
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NOTE: This video is not sponsored, I paid for this meal in full. But Barry was able to ensure that he got to cook for us. Thanks Barry!

Tanaka of Tokyo Restaurant

During my visit to Honolulu, Hawaii to visit family I started posting some photos on Instagram. I got a message from Barry, who is a world renowned teppanyaki chef expert – he’s even traveling the world teaching how to cook teppanyaki. So when he asked if I would come in to the restaurant he works at, and he would do the cooking, I knew it would be a great opportunity – not only for the food but for the amazing cooking skill.

Tanaka of Tokyo is Japanese teppanyaki restaurant in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii. There’s an interesting history surrounding teppanyaki – it’s a Japanese meal, although it was invited to cook Western style. Funny thing is, it’s more popular outside of Japan than in Japan, and I’ve never even had it in Japan. So this was my first time to really have a proper teppanyaki meal.

I asked the waitress what she recommended and it was a set that included lobster, steak, and scallops, plus some Hawaiian style poke to begin with.

Our entire teppanyaki meal was extremely entertaining. The food was delicious and very high quality, but the cooking and show was a highlight. Our whole family enjoyed it from the start to finish. Barry is an amazing chef and he has incredible knife and fire skills!

Eating teppanyaki at Tanaka of Tokyo is not a cheap meal, but you not only pay for the food, but for the entire dining show.

Total price – $213.30

Special thanks to Barry for his amazing cooking!

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  1. I love going to these types of restaurants because of the onion volcano show they do all the time it’s the second best part about going to these types of restaurants first is the food

  2. Delicious video. Enjoyed every morsel!
    And thank you for including the bill. Now I know I can charge $6 for water. Or, free water but $6 for bubbles.

  3. Mika is gonna mad when he gets older. And see this.. y'all eating all that good good.. and YOU giving me some measley green tea ice cream……

  4. Everything looked so delicious and everything was cooked to perfection amazing chef I’m so glad I came across your video 🙂 new subscriber looking forward to more videos

  5. No offence but I see nothing unique about the dishes except for the crazy knife skills… Most of them I can cook it in my own kitchen… And after that ridiculously crazy knife show.. what do you get? Fried rice with eggs?
    But yeah… I will definitely complement his knife skills… One of the coolest I've ever seen.

  6. Dude let's see what your wife thinks about it she should be having it first kind of ticks everybody off that you said they're neat but your wife and kid you're not even paying attention to

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