CUTE PUPPIES!!- 8 Weeks Old- Puppies vs Cat!

CUTE PUPPIES!!- 8 Weeks Old- Puppies vs Cat!
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This is the 8th of 8 videos of five puppies from birth through 9 weeks old. Watch all 8 videos, from birth through 9 weeks.

Watch these cute puppies play with a cat and escape from their cage!! The puppies have all been given away to good homes.The dog birth and puppy development of these cute Maltese puppies is similar to all dogs. Maltese are hypoallergenic dogs.


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  1. wow so impressive,that the dog can even escaped at the end he is a special one of course not only him,every single of them is also special and cuttee. I'll tell you that i will faint of kawaiiiiiines

  2. There should be no hard objects around these dogs.
    At this age they are very vulnerable to brain damage
    or broken limbs. They have no fear until they are at least 9 months old.

  3. Trough all the videos I noticed how good care you take of the of the puppies, they have enough space, good food, toys and they learn to be around other animals like cats which can be a huge benefit when searching for new owners.

  4. Great idea with the concrete blocks. Gives them entertainement while learning about stairs.

    Those are very good looking dogs with great attitudes!

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