Top 20 Submissions in UFC History

Top 20 Submissions in UFC History
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There’s no denying that the art of submission has had a role in the 20 years of UFC history, which is we are showing you the greatest ground game wins in the Octagon!


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  1. Imgine zion williamson was into mma. Basketball players skill would translate to mma. Imagine if since jordan was 5 he practiced mma. 6 ft 6. Jumps over trucks. Hands bigger than size 12 feet.

  2. If black ghetto americans start to want to learn this. Its over. The way we dance, move etc, and athleticism we will take over. I see why joe rogan says imagine nba players were mma fighters. Yall better keep niggas out cause our skill naturally will make us unstoppable. Exmp. Jon jones. Is basic. Compared to if allen iverson did this.

  3. That twister is nasty as fuck. How about my boy Frank Mir just breaking shit off left and right. I have a hard time watching stuff like that but he is a bitter bitter man. I wonder what makes people like that? Yes these guys are all tough and aggressive but he is just plain vicious. He's not angry, He's just cold as fuck. Probably my favorite fighter. Him or Carlos Condit.

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