Ancient Thai Food – SHRIMP MANGOSTEEN CURRY at 8 Seat Restaurant in Bangkok! | สำรับสำหรับไทย

Ancient Thai Food - SHRIMP MANGOSTEEN CURRY at 8 Seat Restaurant in Bangkok! | สำรับสำหรับไทย
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What I love so much about eating at Samrub For Thai (สำรับสำหรับไทย), is that it’s a Thai food learning experience. I learn so much about ingredients, combinations, history, and taste. I believe Chef Prin is one of the most talented chefs of Thai food.

The private dining room of the extremely talented Chef Prin, known better as Samrub For Thai (สำรับสำหรับไทย) is for me one of the best Thai restaurants in the world. Having a foundation of Thai food, it’s just incredible to see how Chef Prin takes Thai cuisine to the next level, but actually brings back ancient Thai foods that have been buried and lost.

The menu at Samrub For Thai (สำรับสำหรับไทย) constantly changes, typically every month. And what’s incredible is that many of the ancient Thai recipes listed ingredients, but not amounts. And so it’s up to the cook to determine the balance and taste – and you need to have a seriously good tongue and knowledge of Thai food to determine the best ratios of ingredients.

Here’s the list of Thai dishes we ate during this meal:

Miang som (เมี่ยงส้ม), marian plum
Oysters snack (ขนมหอยนางรม)
Beef salad, tree basil (พล่าเนื้อสด)

Sour pomfret soup (ต้มส้มปลาเต๋าเต้ยน้ำส้มโหนด)
Crab coconut cream relish (หลนเจ่าปูม้า)
Roasted duck, langsat fruit, salad (ยำเป็ดย่างลองกอง)
Shrimp curry, young mangosteen (แกงตู้มี่)
Beef with holy basil (เนื้อผัดใบกะเพรา)

Sticky rice ice cream, mango, golden beans (ไอศรีมข้าวมะม่วงกับถั่วทอด)

It was an outstanding meal, almost unbelievable flavors, quality of ingredients, and just an amazingly fun time to hang out with friends and eat best Thai food.

Friends in the video:
Chef Prin:
Chef Gigg:

PRICE – About 2,500 THB ($81.21) per person

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