LEGENDS NEVER DIE – Amazing "NEAR DEATH" Outplay Moments #4 (League of Legends)

LEGENDS NEVER DIE - Amazing "NEAR DEATH" Outplay Moments #4 (League of Legends)
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LEGENDS NEVER DIE – Amazing “NEAR DEATH” Outplay Moments #4 (League of Legends)
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    THIS SO CALLED "GAME" is FULL OF HACKERS, CHEATERS, SCRIPTERS and LIERS. Nothing has changed in YEARS, it's even WORSE. I did my own RESEARCH throughout many years, and guess what, RIOT GAMING, their own employees are responsible mainly for all this. Riot agents/employees use hacks during matches, they FREEZE your champ for 1 sec or MORE so many times during matches just to ruin your game, to get you killed, to make you angry, to suck blood out of you, to suck energy out of you, many times they take control of your champion also, you cannot move it at all or it's impossible to operate. Turrets do not fire or got 150 miles firing range, you cannot use skills, somehow they magically are getting locked, what is all this BS. They probably change nicknames all the time, so you play against same hacking noobs. So many of my accounts been banned because I was exposing this BS for years. They've even posted me back many times at so called "contact support" sites :
    "We are glad we were able to help ^^ XD"

    They setup games, they make deals during matches, they cannot win on mid 1 v 1 so my team comes to my lane and troll instead of helping allowing enemy to kill me, they don't use mana skills, all acting. Great players might be playing in some kind of a closed system just to hide them, keep'em out of the open arena, who knows, might be. The same thing were happening with their second greatest mobile game, same techniques, same engine probably, but I won't mention titles here this time.

    Mafia systems.
    many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it

    They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys

    THIS "game" and all the rest run visually on your computer, on your monitor, tv, display etc, but ALL THE data, mechanics, TECHNICAL and mathematical OPERATIONS, RUN ON THEIR SERVERS, so it's SO SIMPLE TO TERMINATE ALL THE weird, crazy anomalies and all pathetic cheaters and losers, all the cheating and HACKING BEHAVIOURS in pratcticaly EVERY GAME in one day, but WHY THEY DON'T wanna DO IT?????? WHY? Because it's against "their" moral ethics, against their EVIL, destructive societies, children mostly – policy and guess who THE BOSS of all that is, who'se on top of the ladder??? That's the source, the way and the reason the adult cheaters and liers, heartless scumbags, murderes even are being trained. Who gives money to these mafias, who supports all this crazy system. The answer is simple.

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    Many people were alarming on YT about it, BUT NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Many players USED HACKS INTENTIONALLY for many MONTHS and they were NEVER BANNED.

    I have to wait so many times just to enter the match, because the SETUP games are being organized. What they do after – they laugh at you when you try to ALARM the issue, they call you different names, laugh straight in your face, they use XD texts in chat WITCH YOU CANNOT DISABLE (WHY YOU CANNOT DISABLE THIS SICK CHAT – somebody tell me please, but You don't have to because the answer is simple – to get you into their RIOT, energy sucking sick system) their nicknames usually consist of letter X or HELL word or similar, they use weird icons also many times use ,, like syringe for example to even show you their profession. It's full of dragons, champions literally straight from hell, weird taunts, sounds offending GOD and etc, you can call it whatever you want. I saw so many similar stories on forums through the years, everybody alarming about that was ridiculed every time in a similar fashion, same way every time just to shut you down as fast as possible. I've changed my IP addresses many times, I even used different IS providers, these TOXIC pathetic riot clowns use their INTERNAL hacking tools provided by this most pathetic company full of losers. I've made myself a long break from this sick game, but decided to come back again and after couple of games all the hell came back lose at me again. They blame your hardware instead, they blame you, they blame ISP, they call it GLITCHES and 100 different things. After the engineered matches they call me "names" and lock the game for let's say 20 minutes, because they cannot accept the fact that I know what's going on and they were not able to trick me thinking that match wasn't fair.
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    My advice to You, stop treating these so called "best" players of the world as GODS, I've seen tons of much better players than they are, but they will never get into the competition, ( before the long break I've been destroying almost everybody throughout the years 1 vs 1 on mid myself, 95% of matches for sure, playing 15 hours daily everyday uncovering their skills) because the stage has been set many years ago and this whole full of BS fakery theatre system, making tons of money, full of actors and marketing engineers, it works GREAT, system, sorry for saying that, but for NAIVE people.
    WHY NOBODY came with an IDEA of finally getting hands on this so called "company" ????
    USE IT.

    I send POSITIVE VIBRATIONS to all the POSITIVE 😀 or for ones thinking to become POSITIVE , there are plenty of them at Riot too I think, but I might be wrong
    there's more of us than them

  2. Like why the fuck in every montage( of legit every chanel), musics are fucking cancer. You can not take just Prod? No fkng lyrics?? Oh ure just pressed to get YTB money?? Idk put ninjas music to assassins stuff like that jesus. Stop with shitty ass musics that says « legends never die » or « stay strong »
    Fucking cry baby lil ape

  3. Myspacekeyisnotworkingiguessigonnadothisonmybrotherstabletifhewant
    Edit:it was my space key is not working I guess I gonna do this comment on my brother's tablet if he want
    Then he gives me?but for a 1minute ?

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