Hurricane Harvey: Animal rescues nationwide rally to help

Hurricane Harvey: Animal rescues nationwide rally to help
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Hurricane Harvey tore through Texas abandoning thousands of animals. Nationwide rescues and shelters rally to help.


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  1. I was there in hurricane Harvey my family went to help me and my sister rescued a stray starving dog later named adventure by us sadly we had to Give him to the adoption people

  2. That's sad! Oh that's horrible! Their a part of the family why did they get left behind? I don't have an animal but if I did I wouldn't leave them behind! I was brought up to treat all animals with respect and to leave them behind is just wrong. They are scared & have feelings too! Heartbreaking!

  3. I'm glad ppl now give equal importance to rescuing animals from natural calamities…. This is a minimum expectation from every human….

    How can someone dislike this video??

  4. Hello..I am creating a website for people to find rescues and national animal organizations that are helping animals affected by the recent 4 hurricanes in the US. I would like to put your video on it and I will put your org's. name and link under it if you would like me to. The site is at Please email me directly at if I have your permission to place your video on the website called "Ways to Help Hurricane Animals"…Thank you.

  5. Keep up the good work guys goes to show that their our still good poeaple left in the world. I am not doing this for likes it is my honest opinion. ????

  6. I can tell you one thing, I have cried until I'm sick ,and hurt a over. God bless and help these poor people. The poor animals. God bless the men and women helping them. I'm also mad as hell. I've watch a lot of experts who say it was man made. If so this is worse than evil.

  7. Thank God for these people- the whole thing overwhelmes me, and makes me cry. It would break my heart to be torn apart from my beloved pets. All animals deserve every chance in life as we do. We all share this planet together.

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