Exploring Penang (Georgetown): Things To Do in One Day

Exploring Penang (Georgetown): Things To Do in One Day
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After our trip to Langkawi, we headed to Georgetown, in Penang, Malaysia. One day we walked around and did all these things in a single day. More coming on: http://migrationology.com/

Penang, Malaysia is an island just off the coast of the West Coast of Malaysia. It’s one of the most famous areas of Malaysia, especially known for its rich and diverse culture and for its food – many people come to Penang just to eat – as did I. Ying and I arrived to Penang from Langkawi, and we stayed in Penang for about a week, doing some work, and eating out way through the city. One day though, we decided to put on our shoes and go to visit as many of the attractions in the center of the city as we could. So this travel videos is an overview of the top things to do in Georgetown, Penang, but also a travel guide as well. Hope you enjoy to!

To begin the day, I started off with a Penang tourist map and located all the places we wanted to go. Since we were staying close to the Georgetown World Heritage Inc., that’s where we first decided to stop. It’s more of an information center, so after just a few minutes we continued on our way to the Chew Jetty, one of the couple of Chinese docks where homes are built over the water. On the way though, we walked through Lebuh Armenian (one of the most famous streets in Penang), past George Town street art, and also briefly stopped at Cheah Kongsi. The Chew Jetty was a nice place to walk around for a few minutes, there wasn’t a lot to do there, but mostly some small souvenir shops and some nice places to take photos.

We continued walking and passed the Queen Victory Lighthouse and then we continued on to Fort Cornwallis, a British built fort, and the only fort in Malaysia – though as they said it wasn’t ever used for battle. I was a little disappointed visiting Fort Cornwallis in Penang because we paid a pretty big entrance fee, but there really wasn’t anything to see inside – I could have seen it all from the outside. Anyway, we continued on walking around Penang, and then circled back past a cathedral. By this time we were getting quite hungry, so we headed into Little India, and then continued to a famous restaurant called Kapitan for tandoori chicken. I didn’t know they were really famous for their rice biryani, but I got a couple pieces of tandoori chicken and naan, it they were both incredible.

In the afternoon, we first stopped at the Goddess of Mercy Temple in Penang, and walked around for a few minutes, and then continued on to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, one of Penang’s main attractions and a place I was really looking forward to visiting. Mr. Cheong, an insanely wealthy Chinese business man built the Blue Mansion and it has now been restored and it’s actually open as a hotel, but they also give a couple of guided tours each day. The tour took 45 minutes, and it was beautiful to see. The only thing I wish is that we could have seen a little more of the Blue Mansion, because unfortunately we didn’t get to see much, but mostly listened to the history of the mansion – still it was worth seeing in Penang.

To finish of one day of things to do in Penang, Georgetown, we visited the Kapitan Keling Mosque, and then lastly we went to Khoo Kongsi. For dinner to end this day in Penang, we went to a restaurant to eat dim sum, and a few other Chinese dishes as well.

Thank you for watching this “things to do in Geogetown, Penang” travel video. Hope you enjoyed it, and hope it will give you some ideas for what to do when you visit. More Penang street food videos coming soon!

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  1. Mark.. wow is really nice see you visit penang my hometown.. a big welcome to you and your wife.. hope both you enjoy and pls come more often.. thank you for sharing all the best place and food in the world

  2. I used to work for KONTRON and they were always making fun of the people living in Penang, they though these people are pigs and inferiors…

  3. For the 1st time. Juz visited penang last week. Njoy very much of my times there. It's easy to travel around Penang. Generally it is safe & transporatation is so easily available. Free city bus for almost all major attraction around Georgetown area. Grab is cheap. Those who hvnt been there. Recommended.
    Affordable malaysia short getaway. Local food is delicious, historical building is beautiful. Most of the local is friendly peoples. ?

  4. I truly enjoy your travel videos because of how positive your vibe is and how respectful you are towards other people's culture!! Keep uploading good contents ❤️❤️

  5. Don't thrust any muzium,heritage or historical places..they all rubbish and wasting your money..the fees is ridiculous expensive but nothing to see..just find the good food to taste..

  6. I am flying to Penang tomorrow morning. Your video is very informative and useful. I love watching it. Thanks Mark

  7. Wiens is a nice guy but an Asian tourist doing Asian style migrant things. Nightmarkets and an all out fixation on street food. Not very interesting for young adventurous travelers, in particular Westerners or Asians with a bit of cash 🙂 Where are the bars and nightlife my friend?

  8. Hi Mark thanks for the tips they will come in handy when I visit in March! I'm just curious what is your background/nationality I'm just trying to workout your accent!

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