Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodles – LEGENDARY Taiwanese Street Food in Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan (Day 6)

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodles - LEGENDARY Taiwanese Street Food in Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan (Day 6)
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1:57 Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles
On Day 6 in Taipei, the time came for Ying’s sister to head back to Bangkok and so Ying and I also checked out of our hotel and though we didn’t fly anywhere we brought Ying’s sister to the airport and moved to a new hotel. After checking out of our hotel I first wanted to make a quick stop at a famous Taiwanese street food restaurant called Ay-Chung, that specializes in serving flour noodles in a gravy sauce. The restaurant was located just a little walk from out hotel, and right next to Ximen station. We arrived to Ay-Chung at about 11 am, just after they opened, and already there was quite a crowd there eating around the shop. To order we had to go up to the front, place our order, and then they gave us a bowl of their famous oyster flour noodles. I first went over and added some chili, vinegar, and hot sauce to my bowl of noodles to enhance the flavor. The flour noodles at Ay-Chung are not legendary for no reason, they were actually quite tasty, with such a smokey flavor that it almost tasted like bacon. I can see why this Taiwanese street food is so popular and why many people in Ximending can’t resist a bowl.

5:58 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
After having the rice flour noodles we headed over to our new hotel, which was called Homey House, and because we were too early to check in, we just dropped off our big bag and then continued on for the day. Everything took a little longer than expected, so we didn’t have time for lunch, but instead we had to go straight to the airport to take Ying’s Sister. We ended up going to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in the same way as we had come – we took the high speed rail to Taoyuan station then took a shuttle bus to the airport. The journey took about 1 hour.

7:46 Banqiao Station
After dropping Ying’s sister at the airport, Ying and I decided to take the bus back to Taipei from the airport instead of the train, and also I wanted to get off at Banqiao station instead of going all the way to Taipei Main Station in order to go to the Lin Family Garden and Mansion. The bus ride took a bit longer than expected though, and when we got to Banqiao station, the mansion was about ready to close, so we had to cancel that plan. We were quite hungry by this time, and after walking around for a bit and not finding any food, we decided to go to the nearest 7-Eleven and I had a Taiwanese tea egg and a banana to hold me over. We arrived back to our hotel, check in, and then Ying and I went out to eat for dinner. But we made a separate video about dinner which I’ll publish later.

That was Day 6 of this Taiwan travel guide video series. Thank you for watching!

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  1. I love to watching travel vlogs that shows the local food, places, and cultures. I recently found your videos on YouTube and I couldn't stop watching it, so I subscribed to your channel. Thank you for making the videos, showing us many places and food. I enjoy it very much. I especially love to watch it while I eat 🙂

  2. 9:54 忠泰 Chong-Tai is a very classical restaurant in Taipei city, these dishes not only delicious also inexpensive. ? by the way the rice is free, I went to there so many times even now live abroad still miss those dishes?

  3. Tea egg is one of my favorite foods in Taiwan!!! I love Taiwan and enjoyed my stay there some years ago!! People are very nice and warm too!

  4. In my opinion, Another noodle restaurant is more delicious than Ay-Chung. Taiwanese will not go to Ay-Chung which famous for tourist.

  5. Im an ABC and just came back from Tapei. I tried AY-Chung. It's too goopy for most American's. If the taste was better I could tolerate it, but the taste and texture was not good.

  6. During the Vietnam War, my husband was in Taipei with the Air Force for a year and I was able to go with him.WE so enjoyed the food both eating out and fresh market food. I would love to go back!!!!

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